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EZShield Family Identity Restoration

Identity theft strikes 35,000 Americans everyday.1

Victims are forced to detour from their daily routine, navigating through loopholes, ineffective processes, and tricky terminology to restore their good names. Imagine the relief of having a trusted ally in the fight against identity crimes.

With Elements Financial and EZShield, you have that kind of ally.

Elements Financial cares about protecting you and your family. This is why we partner with EZShield Identity Crime Protection to offer you best-in-class fraud protection services at no cost.

Thanks to having your checking account2 with us, you will be eligible for Family Identity Restoration which includes:

Family Restorative Services
24/7 access to live support with Resolution Specialists available Monday–Friday, 8:00am–8:00pm eastern time

Online Identity Vault
Anywhere access to manage essential personal information and reduce your risk of fraud

Education and Preventative Measures
Timely tips/industry best practices updated regularly to help safeguard you against identity theft and fraud

If you have recently opened an Elements checking account, watch for more information in your email inbox.

To sign up with EZShield, please contact us at (800) 621-2105.

Who is EZShield?
2016 Best Overall Javelin Identity Protection Leader Award SealEZShield works within the financial services industry to provide fraud protection to consumers and small business customers. Their full range of identity and fraud services, including check and checking account protection, consumer identity and business security solutions, are offered on a flexible platform and backed by best-in-class service. For more information, please visit ezshield.com.

1) Javelin Strategy and Research. 2) Health Savings Account and Business Checking not eligible.  /  Rated “Best Overall” by Javelin Strategy & Research for 3 Years. Javelin Strategy & Research named EZShield “Best Overall” in 2016, maintaining its position as the identity protection services leader in the U.S. marketplace since 2013. Additionally, EZShield placed first in all three categories: prevention, detection and resolution.