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Fraud & Identity Theft Prevention

Are you facing Fraud or Identity Theft?

Contact us immediately if your purse, wallet or checks have been stolen, or if anyone has obtained your personal information such as your Social Security number, credit card numbers, PINs or passwords. You might be a victim of identity theft and our team of professionals can help you prevent further damage and reclaim your good name.

Though you cannot eliminate the chance of identity theft, you can minimize your risk. Follow these valuable tips for protecting yourself from fraud:

  • Review your monthly financial and credit card statements and report any suspicious activity immediately.
  • Shred receipts and all personal and financial information (i.e. bank statements, credit card offers, bills, etc.)
  • When releasing your financial information, make sure you have initiated the contact yourself.

Call toll-free (800) 621-2105 for assistance.

Prevent Fraud in Advance

All Elements Financial Credit Cards Offer Fraud Alerts
Enroll for Fraud Alerts to trigger a text anytime a transaction on your card is deemed to be a risk. You'll have the chance to confirm it or report it as possible fraud. If the latter, a hold will be placed on your account to prevent further activity until we can resolve the situation. To enroll in Fraud Alerts for your Elements Visa Credit Card, just log into MyCardInfo within eBranch; go to the Account Services tab; and select Fraud Alerts. Remember that you need to enroll for Fraud Alerts with every card; if you are reissued a card with a new card number you will need to enroll for Fraud Alerts with that new card. — Enroll in Fraud Alerts.

EZShield Family Identity Restoration
Identity theft strikes 35,000 Americans every day.1 Victims are forced to detour from their daily routine, navigating through loopholes, ineffective processes, and tricky terminology to restore their good names. Imagine the relief of having a trusted ally in the fight against identity crimes. With Elements Financial and EZShield, you have that kind of ally. Elements Financial cares about protecting you and your family. This is why we are partnering with EZShield Identity Crime Protection to offer you best-in-class fraud protection services at no cost. — Learn more about EZShield Family Identity Restoration.


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