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About Us

Money is about habits, behaviors and relationships. Money is about opportunities, wishes and dreams. Money is about friends and family. Money is often about stress and sometimes even shame.

At Elements Financial Federal Credit Union, we understand that money is about all these things and more. That’s why we provide a variety of powerful financial products and services.

But at Elements Financial, we are not just a credit union.


Who is Elements Financial?

Intentionally, the question here is not "What is Elements Financial?" That's because Elements is more about our people than our products. We want our members to regard us as trusted financial wellness providers who happen to operate a credit union. Look to Elements to build a lifelong relationship to support your financial success.

We promise to help you achieve financial wellness in life with your own money management plan. We will nurture you toward your goals, assist you through processes, and engage you with the tools and resources that best fit and support your plan. Elements will always be looking out for your best interests. Our original partner is Eli Lilly and Company and has been since 1930, but we also serve companies and individuals across Indiana and nationwide.

To embrace this growth and diversification of our membership, we progressed to a new company name, Elements Financial, on January 6, 2015. No other financial institutions were involved — no mergers, no buyouts — we're the same credit union. We want to make it well-known that companies beyond Lilly may partner with us to provide financial wellness to their employees. Learn more about how Elfcu proudly became Elements Financial.

Join us today to pursue the goal of financial wellness together.


What is Financial Wellness?

As your credit union, we sponsor an educational program dedicated to supporting your financial success. Our unique financial wellness program is all about you and your goals, rather than our products and transactions. We concentrate on celebrating your life events, strengthening your relationships, making your major purchases and saving you money.

Our financial wellness program includes:

Elements relies on the talents of:

Elements Financial's legal entity name, mailing address and routing number are:

Elements Financial Federal Credit Union
225 South East Street, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46202

ABA Routing Number 274073834