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Grow Your Family with an Adoption Loan

Family Adopting a ChildElements Financial's Adoption Loan is unique and can be tailored to each adoptive family's specific needs.

  • Range of $5,000 – $25,000
  • Allows for an extended draw period of 24 months
  • You can take multiple draws when funds are needed
  • Once the draw period is over, enjoy lower monthly payments as part of a fixed installment loan for up to 8 years

"Greg and I finally made the exciting decision to pursue adoption and then were faced with the reality of how we would pay for it, without completely draining our savings or falling into the credit card trap. It was such a relief to learn that Elements offered adoption loans." ~ Elements Financial Members Margo and Greg

Contact our lending department at (800) 621-2105 or for more information about our Adoption Loan or to apply.