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Current Elements Financial Partners

Bring Elements Financial to Your EmployeesWho are Elements Financial's partners? We've partnered with companies and organizations that believe that prosperity comes from strengthening their employees.

We promise to help your employees achieve financial wellness in life with their own money management plan. We'll nurture, assist and engage with the tools and resources that best fit and support them.

Elements is always looking out for your and your employees' best interests.

Join our band of believers as we pursue the goal of financial wellness together.

If you believe prosperity comes from strengthening your employees, contact Todd Shickel at Elements Financial: (317) 524-5143 or

Membership Eligibility

Our door is open to new members. At Elements, our members are doing more than banking … they're building lifelong relationships that will help nurture good planning and sharp budgeting skills for themselves and their family.

Here are a few of the 60+ companies that have partnered with Elements to provide our benefits of membership to their employees.

What is Elix?

As financial wellness providers, Elements Financial wants to support your employees with educational programming that focuses on their financial success. That's what Elix is all about — celebrating life events, strengthening relationships, making major purchases and saving money, and occasionally helping your employees work their way out of financial mistakes.

Elix relies upon the talents of these partners:

Elix is a word derived from “elixir” meaning “a liquid believed to have magical powers.” [Macmillan]