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Loan & Asset Protection

Protect Your AssetsAs your financial wellness providers, we want to make sure that you’re covered, no matter what may happen. That’s why we provide loan and asset protection programs.

It’s just one more way that we look out for your best interests.

Protect Your InvestmentsProtect Your Family's Financial Future

Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) also known as extended warranty, is automobile protection that extends beyond the manufacturer's factory warranty and covers repairs of unexpected mechanical breakdowns. For the period of time the contract is in effect, you are assured that covered components of your vehicle will be repaired in the event of failure, including labor, subject to any applicable deductible.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) is Loan/Lease Deficiency protection designed to eliminate your unpaid net loan/lease balance in the event your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Debt Protection for your auto loan helps you be fully protected from life's unexpected events.

Learn more and get a quote for MBP, GAP or Debt Protection for your auto loan here.

Any life-changing situation can become stressful for you and your family.

With Debt Protection you won't have to worry about the financial stress of paying your Elements Visa Credit Card

Learn more about Debt Protection for your Elements Visa Credit Card.

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