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We're building a band of believers in financial wellness.

Join our movement.

For more than 80 years Elements Financial Federal Credit Union has been a trusted financial services partner of Eli Lilly and Company. Today we have expanded to serve as a banking choice for the employees of 100+ companies in Indiana and beyond.

Higher Deposit Rates. Lower Loan Rates. Fewer Fees. Our members realize a total annual savings of $16.4 million compared to customers elsewhere.*

If you believe prosperity comes from strengthening your employees, contact Todd Shickel at Elements: (317) 524-5143 or

No One Leaves Their Money at the Office Door

It's a fact of life. Financial stress takes its toll on people in many forms and can have a negative impact on both physical and mental health. That stress can cause absenteeism, presenteeism, and garnishments. For these reasons, personal finances can create distractions in the workplace. You can help employees focus with our robust financial wellness curriculum. It's not just about 401(k)s, Health Savings Accounts or retirement planning; it's about making better money decisions daily and living a financially healthy life.

There are many things decision makers should take into account when selecting a financial wellness partner to support their employees. The relationship you'll have and your employees will have with a financial institution is based on much more than just rates and fees.

Elements has put together a list of items to keep in mind when deciding which bank or credit union you will endorse for your employees.

Download our "10 Things to Consider When Evaluating a Financial Wellness Partner" checklist today.

*Competitive Value is estimated by comparing historical rates and fees at Elements Financial and at the five banks and credit unions with the largest market share in Central Indiana; data valid as of 8/31/2016.