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Personal Loans

Apply for a Personal LoanConsidering a personal loan? You may be looking to take that overdue dream vacation or simply consolidate debt. Whatever the case, Elements Financial offers personal loans at reasonable interest rates to help you get what you want. Even if you have bad credit, personal loans may still be available to help you rebuild credit. Come talk to us before you decide you’re unqualified.

We make personal loans simple and convenient with easy online payments and resources to help you make smart financial decisions, like our personalized credit counseling and Loan Saver calculator.

Contact us to learn more about our complete selection of personal loans, or apply online today.

Signature Loans

Our Signature Loans are available to help you meet your lifestyle goals, whether that’s consolidating other loans, taking a dream vacation, or buying new living room furniture. We offer competitive rates and no pre-payment penalties. Conquer challenges, achieve your goals, do whatever you need to do

To learn more about our Signature Loans, please call (317) 276-2105 or toll-free (800) 621-2105.

Certificate Loans

At Elements, we take care of our members. When you need extra cash, you may take a loan on your Certificates rather than cashing them in and paying early withdrawal penalties. Borrow up to the full amount of your Certificate and pay a fixed interest rate just 2% above your current Certificate savings rate. You’ll get the money you need at an incredibly low interest rate. It’s a win-win!

To learn more about our Certificate Loans, please call (317) 276-2105 or toll-free (800) 621-2105.

Stock-Secured Loans

If you’re in need of a loan and have stock, you can use it to secure a loan at a variable interest rate indexed to the Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal. We have multiple repayment options, including quarterly interest-only payments that coincide with dividend payments.

To learn more about our Stock-Secured Loans, please call (317) 276-2105 or toll-free (800) 621-2105.

Collateral value will be determined by LPL Financial derived from the previous day’s closing price of the security. Elements Financial will lend up to 70% of the value of any security held in an LPL Collateralized Loan Account, except for the purpose of purchase or carrying securities, which the maximum loan to value will be 50% as in accordance to Regulation U. While this exception is important, it’s rarely the reason that a member would request a stock loan. Currently our stock loan minimum is $5,000. The interest rate shall be a variable rate equal to the Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal on the last day of the previous month plus or minus a margin rounded to the nearest 0.25%. The rate will never be higher than 18%.

Credit Builder Loans

If you would like to establish or re-establish a positive credit rating, then our Credit Builder Loan is for you. Our mandatory cash payments allow Elements personnel to teach responsibility for making loan payments on time. This program can position you to be eligible for future loans within the credit union. The Credit Builder Loan will be established with an original loan amount of $500-$1,000 with a 6-12 month repayment term.

To learn more about our Credit and Savings Builder Loan, please contact Terri Mossbrucker at (317) 524-5100 or toll-free at (800) 621-2105, ext 5100.