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Debit and Credit Card Travel Tips

If you're taking a trip — foreign or domestic — a credit card can be the best and safest way to pay for travel costs. Even so, it pays to take precautions when traveling with plastic, especially when leaving the country.

These tips will help smooth the way.


Traveling Tips (Debit & Credit Cards)

  • Please notify Elements of your intentions to travel. We will make a note on your account, which will assist us in monitoring possible fraudulent activity and could prevent a block from being placed on your card. Call us at (317) 276-2105, email at or use our Contact Us form or Web Chat to let us know that you'll be traveling.

  • Use your Elements Debit or Credit Card just as you would at home, however, when traveling, keep it in your possession at all times. You should always have an alternate form of payment due to a possible damaged or lost/stolen card.

  • When making a point of sale purchase or ATM withdrawal on your Elements Visa Debit Card or Credit Card outside the United States, you may be charged a 1% international service fee for the total amount of purchase or withdrawal. If you are withdrawing foreign currency from an ATM, the amount debited will reflect the currency exchange rate for that day. — The Elements Visa Signature Credit Card has zero international service fees for your convenience when traveling internationally.


Tips for Debit Cards Only

  • When making withdrawal outside the U.S with your Elements ATM Card of Debit Card, you may not be given the option to choose your share type for withdrawal. Some foreign ATMs default to Withdraw from Savings. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your Savings account to cover your cash withdrawals and to prevent denial prior to traveling.

  • Your daily limits for ATM withdrawals are $500.00 per day.

  • Your daily limits for Debit Card purchases/ transactions are $5000.00 per day.

  • Important Debit Phone numbers
    • Planning travel? Call us in advance: (800) 621-2105 or (317) 276-2105


Tips for Credit Cards Only

  • Your cash advance limit for ATM withdrawal is $1010.00 ($505.00 per transaction)

  • Important Credit Card Phone Numbers
    • Planning travel? Call us in advance: (800) 621-2105 or (317) 276-2105
    • Card Transaction Denied: (866) 570-1238
    • Lost or Stolen Card: (866) 570-1238
    • If you suspect fraud: (866) 570-1238
    • Pure Perks Rewards: (855) 814-5597
    • Other Questions or Concerns: (866) 570-1238