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@ Dorothy- To login, please visit www.elfcu.org, enter your login ID in the Login ID section, click Login, and then enter your password on the following page. If you are not yet enrolled, please visit www.elfcu.org, and click enroll in eBranch under the the Login ID section.

How do I log in to see my personal act info?
Posted by Dorothy Peters on October 4, 2013


@Marilyn: We've upgraded our site as of May 7th, which now includes a split log in. The old format of the site is no longer available. If you need assistance with signing onto eBranch banking, please give us a call at 800.621.2105 or contact us via live chat. A representative would be happy to assist you!

Bring back old sign , please.
Posted by Marilyn Hendrickson on June 6, 2013


Please bring back the old sign on!
Posted by Anonymous on March 3, 2013


@Kellie: We've heard from several members about our transition from green to red, both positive and constructive. Our new red is a tribute to our original sponsor since 1930, Eli Lilly and Company. As we grow beyond Lilly, we want to honor our roots within our communications. We hope that over time you will grow more comfortable with our new style. We care very much about your financial wellness and want you to feel confident in your interactions with Elfcu. Please let us know if you have other questions or comments, and we thank you for your honest feedback.

I have to agree with the above comments plus one! The previous site was outlined in green. Green is a calmer/friendlier/warmer color than the new color 'red'. When I login to my online banking account, I want to experience a sense of calmness. The new site does not generate this feeling :( .
Posted by Kellie on March 1, 2013


@Beverly: Thank you for your feedback. We have recently refreshed our website with a new look and feel. While the login was formerly placed in the top left corner, it is now located in the lower left corner. We hope that with time, you will enjoy the new features of elfcu.org. Please let us know if we can help further. We appreciate your business.

I do not like the new system, I cannot get signed in to my account without a lot of hassle.

It may make sense to others, but us "older" or More User friendly" folks can't get there without a lot of searching.

Please bring back the old sign on!!!!!
Posted by Beverly Heifner on February 9, 2013

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