It is worth falling in love with the vehicle you're buying.

There’s a well-known saying that you spend one third of your life in bed, but after that, where do you spend the rest of your time? At work? With your friends and family? In your car?

The average commute time in the USA is 25 minutes each way, so if you live near a large city, you probably spend hundreds of hours in your car every year.

You should love anything you spend that much time with, so we’ve put together this car buying guide to help ensure you love your next vehicle. It includes tips on how to pick out the perfect car, financing options, and the ins and outs of working with a dealer. Whether you see your car as a tool to get you from Point A to Point B or as something that should surround you with luxury and high-tech gadgetry, doing a little research is essential.

Before you start looking for cars, use this guide and consider these four points:

  • How much of a payment can I afford?
  • What are the benefits of getting pre-approved?
  • What about dealer incentives? Are they really as good as they sound?
  • What's a car buying service and should I use one?