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Have You Heard from Your Financial Advisor?

During times like these, it’s important to have a trusted source of advice.

There’s nothing like a second opinion. It can save you from a bad decision; it can reassure you that you are doing the right thing. It may lead to new options, new choices you hadn’t considered or noticed before. When it comes to your health, a second opinion certainly matters. When it comes to your wealth, it also counts. In times like these, it’s important to make informed decisions with your money.

It’s important to consider the following:

Saving for the Future

How do you know if you are saving enough for retirement? It might be time for a second opinion, to make sure that your retirement savings strategy is on track. Whether you are nearing retirement or retired, it’s vital to reassess your savings plan from time to time. If you anticipate changes in your lifestyle, your health, your income sources or your family situation, you may end up needing more savings (and income) than you think. If your savings strategy does need to be modified, wouldn’t you rather do it now instead of later? No one wants to look back and regret what they didn’t do to improve their financial life.

Your Financial Approach

As you plan to build wealth, what kind of financial approach are you taking? Some people don’t look at their investments for years. They allocate the assets in their 401(k) or IRA a certain way when they are 35 or 40 and by the time they are 50 or 55, they are still invested in the same way – a way that might expose them to too much risk. Is your approach right for the times? If you neglect checking up on your asset allocation, you do so at your own risk.

Important Investing Questions

Times change, and the passage of time can cause us to examine our financial assumptions and strategies. Think about the following questions.

  • Have you saved enough for retirement?
  • Have you planned sufficient retirement income?
  • How are you positioning your wealth?
  • Are you okay taking the same approach that you did 10 years ago or two years ago, or is it time to change it?
  • Are you saving for college costs in the way that makes the most sense for your overall financial picture?
  • Will you need long term care? If the need does arise, how will you pay for it?

A second opinion may save you from procrastination, a wrong turn, or the opportunity cost of a decision poorly made. It may also alert you to new options – ways that may help you save money, make more money, and retain money in the future. At Elements Wealth Management, our team of LPL Financial Advisors are here to provide you with that second opinion. Our Advisors have more than 125 years of collective experience and are prepared to assist you with all of your investment needs.

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