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It’s Your Time to Plan

Get Ahead for Years Ahead with an Extra Hour

Time – we always wish we had more of it. More time for the fun things in life, the tasks that take longer than expected, and to plan for our future needs.

The good news? We got a little bit of extra time in early November as the clocks switched over while many of us were asleep. But the reality is, most of us didn’t put that time to use in the best way possible.

You see, this extra hour is the perfect opportunity to think about the future – your goals, your dreams, your aspirations – whether they are weeks away or years in the making. Yet, doing this alone or without an outline can seem overwhelming. We get it.

That’s why we encourage you to spend one hour (or less!) with an LPL Financial Advisor who can assess your current situation, consider your life roadmap, and help you bridge the gap between where you are now and your desires for the future. 

How Does the Process Start?

Planning can encompass a wide number of topics: retirement planning, estate planning, college funding, insurance analysis, leaving a legacy, and more. That’s why our process begins with you, and just like your fingerprints, no two financial plans look the same.

We ask a lot of questions, then make sure we do even more listening. For some, this process is simple and can be done quickly, yet for more complex situations, we understand that it may take additional time, energy, and conversations. Our goal? To take as long as necessary to truly understand you and your aspirations. We promise to be patient. 

What Happens Next?

Once we’ve gathered everything we need to know, we’ll spend time analyzing the information and using our investment and financial knowledge to craft a unique plan for your situation. This plan is not a template that we fill in, it’s truly a customized creation that will help you understand your goals for a lifetime and how to work towards getting there.

Yet, a plan isn’t enough on its own. To keep your finances in check, ongoing communication and education about market trends and changes in society are critical. We’ll learn about what methods of communication you prefer and how often we should connect. Remember, it’s all about YOU and how we can coach you through financial milestones. 

What’s the Need?

So, why do I need a Financial Advisor anyway? The need for advice and education, a partner for life planning, and someone who is invested in your journey is important to your success. Here’s three key benefits to having an LPL Financial Advisor guide your journey:

  • Personalized Advice

It’s easy to get caught up in following the media’s financial stories. Yet, making decisions about your future and your money from these articles can lead to poor results. With access to leading independent research, your LPL Financial Advisor can help you make informed decisions that take both personal and market factors into account. 

  • Holistic Planning

No matter where you are in life, whether you’re a young professional securing your first job, or winding down a successful career, you have goals and aspirations. It might be easy to download an app and start investing some of your extra cash, but this app is never going to know your story and understand your needs, wants, and objectives. Your LPL Financial Advisor becomes a partner, engaging in ongoing open and honest conversation about all aspects of your life to craft a plan with you in mind.

  • Unparalleled Passion

We care about what we do and that shows. Your LPL Financial Advisor likely lives and works in your community. Not only does your Advisor care about the performance of your portfolio – they care about you and your personal satisfaction. When you partner with an LPL Financial Advisor, their goal is to help you work toward the life you desire.


And just like we said, time is a valuable resource. But we believe in giving that time freely to help you get on track. That’s why your first consultation is always free – so book time with an LPL Financial Advisor from Elements Wealth Management today.

It’ll be time well spent.

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