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Taking a Pulse on Your Health & Your Wealth

with Elements Wealth Management

We know that finances play a critical role in our lives, giving us freedom and flexibility to make purchases we desire and to save for milestones ahead.

Yet, accumulating wealth alone is not enough. As we progress through life, our health and wellness continue to elevate in importance. As the ancient Greek physician Herophilus said, “when health is absent... wealth becomes useless.”

At Elements Wealth Management, we have a responsibility to see our clients through a holistic lens, helping them work toward financial goals, yet also reminding them of the importance of overall well-being to enjoy the wealth that they accumulate. That’s why we’re here with education to break down the parallels between your physical health and your financial wellness.

If you’d like to discuss this, or other financial topics, reach out for a complimentary consultation with one of our LPL Financial Advisors. 

The Health & Wealth Checklist

Good news! Across the globe, life expectancies continue to rise. As we look ahead toward future goals and milestones, focusing on these items can assist us in our journey to becoming physically and financially well:

Prioritize Your Physical Health.

Finding cardio, yoga, or strength training exercise programs that you love can come with a hefty price tag. Yet, it also can support you in staying healthy for years to come.

According to a study in the Journal of the American Heart Association, the average American can save between $500 and $2,500 a year by exercising regularly, reaping these benefits by reducing high medical costs1. These savings could empower you to put additional money away for the future now and, more importantly, have the potential to lead you to far less expensive healthcare later in life. 

Explore Long-Term Care Insurance.

It’s never too early to consider your future health needs! Meeting with a Financial Advisor to discuss options can help you plan for longer-term logistics including in-home care and specialized care facilities later in life.

While it may be challenging today to picture yourself needing assistance with day-to-day activities, the choices you make now help to ensure you can maintain the life you want later. Plus, the earlier in life you consider Long-Term Care Insurance, the more likely you are to have additional and more affordable options.

Contribute to Your HSA.

Thanks to the tax benefits of a Health Savings Account, contributing allows you to save for wellness or medical expenses. Additionally, many employers will match a portion of your contributions. As you look to build savings for your future, this type of account can be important in your asset allocation strategy. 

Balance Your Budget & Diet.

Even if healthier food options can be slightly more costly, prioritizing them in your budget can keep your body well-fueled for the future. While many Americans attempt to cut costs by selecting lower-quality or fast foods, there’s the potential that these short-term financial savings could cause physical effects long-term, including paying more in medical bills and risking common health problems.

Find a Financial Advisor.

In a survey by Everyday Health, worries about finances topped the list as the “number-one stressor” across all age ranges of Americans2. These types of stress levels can have an immense impact on your mental wellness, through lost sleep and anxiety, and physical wellness, by creating higher blood pressure and muscle tension. 


As you look to minimize the impacts of these financial stressors, consider the value of a trusted Financial Advisor. This person is responsible for helping you navigate complex situations, turbulent markets, and serves as a guide while you aim to save for the future. We’re here to support you if you want to chat!

We get it. Managing your health and your wealth together can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to support you in your journey and coach you along the way. Reach out today to discuss your unique situation with an LPL Financial Advisor during a complimentary consultation. After all, life is about the journey more than money. 

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