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The Race to Retirement

Buckle Up For These Investment Milestones

Planning for retirement is mostly about the long haul, so saving early and having a trusted Advisor help you craft a unique plan are critical starting points. Explore what you may need to consider below and reach out to us for additional guidance. 

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As a young professional, it’s important to build a plan and save early. Consider these questions:

  • Have I started saving in my company-sponsored 401(k)?
  • Have I assessed my risk tolerance?
  • Have I diversified my investment portfolio?
  • Have I found a trusted Financial Advisor?


As you progress in in your career, it’s critical to re-evaluate your plans. Consider these questions:

Am I maxing out my 401(k)?

Am I on track to save the target amount that I need to retire?

Will I continue to work when I retire?

What will my Social Security benefits look like?


When retirement is approaching, it’s important to stay true to your plans. Consider these questions:

  • Have I made an estate plan?
  • Will I use cash or dip into my investments for everyday spending?
  • How should I re-assess my risk tolerance at this new milestone?
  • What can I do to plan for medical costs?


Explore these videos for additional advice, and contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Watch our "Charting Your Financial Future" Video

Watch our "Taking The Market Day-By-Day" Video

Watch our "Three Considerations for Long Term Care Insurance" Video


Finding a financial professional to guide you is an important milestone in life. At Elements Wealth Management, our Advisors offer these services, and more:

  • One-on-one guidance and advice catered to your specific goals
  • Creating a comprehensive, personalized financial plan
  • Exploring strategies to work toward maximizing your retirement savings
  • Guidance on planning for future generations and building a legacy
  • Full-service investment management

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