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Monthly Perspectives from your LPL Financial Advisor | January 2022

As your trusted LPL Financial Advisor, I'm here to share a monthly newsletter featuring a video market update, valuable educational content, and a quick highlight from my personal life. Check it out and contact me with questions... I'm here to support you!

Monthly Market Update

Ray's Financial Find

There's all kinds of financial articles out there, but here's my favorite this month:

7 of the Best ETFs to Buy for Long-Term Investors

When it comes to investing, perhaps the most obvious resource you need at your disposal is ready cash. But a very close second, unless you want to make risky gambles in hopes of an instant payday, is time. Strategies ranging from reinvesting dividends to accruing compound interest all require patience and a long-term approach to realize their full potential. If you're interested in growing your nest egg over years or decades instead of just weeks or months, then consider the following seven exchange-traded funds for long-term investors.

Read the Full Article on US News 

Facts & Figures

Let's break down the average spending by age group and consider how it impacts retirement planning.

As people age, their spending patterns change, according to an analysis of Bureau of Labor Department data. On average, US households under age 55 spend almost $58,000 a year on a wide variety of expenses. Starting at age 55, spending tends to increase slightly, as some younger retirees travel or take on new pursuits. In the age range when most are retired at 65+, there is a significant drop in overall spending.

Remember, as your Financial Advisor I'm here to support you in the planning process for saving for retirement. 

Focus on the Family

In addition to being your Financial Advisor, I'm a proud husband and dad. Here's what we've been up to:

Recently, our family went to see Winter Lights at NewFields. If you've never been before, I encourage you to make time to visit this holiday season. Here's a snapshot of Jack and Jill enjoying their time at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

I'm always here to talk! Reach out to me with your questions and thoughts around this material or any financial topics.

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