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Carol Freeman
Your new home is important to you. It's important to me, too.

Carol Freeman

Senior Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS: 231466


At Elements we are 100% committed to helping you find the right mortgage for you.

I will provide personal guidance through the mortgage process — including giving you my direct line. It's 1-317-764-6906.

My mission is to help you find the right loan for the right home.
What specialties do I offer?
  • Mortgages for Professionals with low or no down payment options. These mortgages are the perfect fit for physicians, dentists, and pharmacists.

  • Jumbo Loans as well as Private Client Mortgages

  • Loans for First Time Homebuyers

  • Bridge/Swing Loans to assist with the purchase of a new home

With over 20 years of mortgage and banking experience, my clients are always pleased with the level of personal attention I am able to deliver, making the mortgage process much easier than ever anticipated.


My easy going, yet professional, client-focused approach takes the anxiety and frustration out of the mortgage process and ensures flawless transactions.
What Can You Expect From Elements Financial?
  • Low fees and great closing costs
  • Competitive rates on fixed-rate & adjustable rate mortgages
  • Quick and easy application process
  • All services under one roof which means quick response times for you
  • Customized lending solutions - Don't see what you need? Call us to find a solution that fits you

Carol Freeman

Senior Mortgage Loan Originator

Carol has been an absolute godsend to my wife and me. Not only has she been diligent, always on top of things, relentless in pursuing information, and fantastic about staying in contact with us each step of the way, but she has also become a valued friend. I am convinced that it takes a true expert, who is compassionate and caring about her clients to guide people through this minefield. Carol was the perfect answer to prayers. She helped us achieve our dream home. On a scale of one to five stars, we would give her a 70!
Damon B
Carol Freeman is the best of the best in assisting her clients with financing a home. Her assistant Lindsey Badanek also helped to lighten the stress with home financing. Carol and Lindsey’s exemplary dedication and knowledge made the home-buying process bearable for us through all the stages. The team of Carol and Lindsey receive an A+++ from the Florek family. We are very thankful and grateful for all they have done for us.
Michaeline & Fernando F