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Better Money with Elements Financial

A podcast for your financial life.

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Better Money with Elements Financial

A podcast for your financial life.


Better Money Podcast LogoWelcome to Better Money with Elements Financial, a podcast where we deliver trusted advice from financial wellness pros to help you make your money — and your life in general — better.

Whether you’re a member with us yet or not, welcome to our friendly financial podcast that broadcasts from Indianapolis, Indiana, where the headquarters for our credit union is located. 

Weekly episodes cover a variety of topics with conversation and special guests:

  • Finding holistic approaches to your finances
  • Giving yourself some leeway when it comes to your financial plan
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Making sacrifices and learning to balance life with finances
  • The life of an auto loan application
  • and more...


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  • Your Guide to Family Fun at Victory Field - June 22, 2022 // Kids of all ages can find something that fits their budget when coming out to a game at Victory Field. Indianapolis Indians Director of Communication Cheyne Reiter joins the podcast to discuss affordable family fun for the current season. Learn more about the Knot Hole Kids Club, special character appearances, the Elements Financial Club, and more.  
  • Keeping up with the Joneses - April 13, 2022 // Do you find yourself comparing your lifestyle to those you see on social media? In this episode we discuss the idiom 'Keeping Up with the
    Joneses' and how you can align yourself for financial goals with wants vs. needs.
  • Understanding Underwriting - March 23, 2022 // Featuring Doug Jeffs, AVP of Consuming Lending & Credit Manager at Elements. Do you know what underwriters do? Many consumers might not. Join us to learn about the guidelines they use when making decisions. Learn some tips to recover from financial hardship and how to better establish your credit prior to applying for a loan.
  • Home Buying Basics - March 16, 2022 // Featuring Justin Montour, Mortgage Loan Originator at Elements, and Realtor Amy Spillman. Househunting can lead to the largest purchase of your life. Join us to better understand what happens next after you find that home of your dreams.
  • Why Care About Your Credit Score? - March 9, 2022 // Join us for the ins and outs of credit scoring, who checks it, and what factors influence it the most. You'll learn multiple ways to manage, protect, and even increase your personal credit rating.
  • The Financial Ides of March - March 2, 2022 // Join us for an overview of financial pitfalls and how we can avoid them. Paying attention to your finances not only when things are wrong, and talking frequently about household money matters with your spouse or partner are two important takeaways in this episode.
  • The Credit Union Difference - February 23, 2022 // Featuring Tara Lambert, Relationship Manager with Elements Financial, who will dive into the history of credit unions globally and here in the US. You'll learn the key differences between banks and credit unions, including the trust factor. Plus, we will share what truly sets Elements apart from the rest.
  • The Cost of Convenience - February 16, 2022 // Join us to think harder about the popular convenience costs you pay, such as Uber, food delivery apps, online grocery shopping, and more! Some are worth it, and many are not. We will explore the benefits, concerns, and our most valuable commodity time.
  • Raises & Bonuses - February 9, 2022 // Featuring Jack Evans from our own Elements Wealth Management division who will discuss "Rainy Day" funds; your current liabilities and debt; any pay raises you might receive, and how all of this factors into your current investments and future planning.
  • Spring Cleaning for Your Finances - February 2, 2022 // Join us for a high-level financial assessment of your goals that will inspire you toward renewal, control, and better organization. a Make a fresh start with your finances, implement new routines, and plan for the spring season ahead.
  • Auto Loan Process - January 26, 2022 // VP of Sales Andee Kettlebar joins the show to give an in-depth look at the auto loan process and everything that goes along with it.
  • Balancing Act - January 19, 2022 // Join us for the ins and outs of credit card balance transfers, debt consolidation, and repayment options.
  • No Spend Month - January 12, 2022 // This episode features our Financial Wellness Facilitator Dawn Hardwick who will walk us through the money method called "No Spend Month."
  • Reflection - January 5, 2022 // Join us on our first-ever episode of Better Money with Elements Financial for realistic goal setting, recovering from holiday spending, and a holistic financial approach for 2022!
  • Coming Soon: Better Money with Elements Financial - December 12, 2021 // Welcome to Better Money with Elements Financial. Here our hosts will deliver trusted advice to help you make your money — and your life in general — better.


Elements has all the features I look for in a bank including an easy to use app and I earn a great rate on my checking account.

- Josh S. | Member since 2018