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Card Control App

Instantly control when, where, and how your Elements credit and debit cards are used.

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Card Control App

Ultimate control and peace of mind about your credit and debit cards.

Card Control is a companion app to our Online Banking app that allows you to control when, where, and how your Elements credit and debit cards are used. Instantly turn them off and on, set controls on usage, and establish alerts for a variety of card activities.


  • Turn your Elements credit and debit cards on and off instantly — perfect if you’re not quite sure where a card is
  • Prevent fraudulent activity by setting controls on transaction types, locations, and merchant types where your card can be used
  • Get real-time alerts when the types of transactions you specify take place
  • Set dollar limits for transactions and receive alerts when those limits are being reached — no more worrying about going over budget
  • Review and categorize usage of transactions on your Elements credit or debit cards
  • Works in tandem with the Elements mobile banking app — you must already be using the Elements mobile app to download and use the Card Control app

Get Quick Advice about Card Control

How do I get the Elements Card Control app?

The Card Control app is a companion app to the Elements mobile banking app. Make sure you are already an active user of the Elements mobile app before downloading the Card Control app. No extra login credentials are required to use the Card Control app.

To begin using Card Control app, complete the following steps:

1. Log In to the Elements Mobile App

To access Card Control the first time, log in to your Elements mobile banking app. In the left menu navigation, click on “Tools & Services” then “Card Control.”

You will see a popup window that says: “Warning. You will be redirected to the AppStore (or Google Play). Do you want to continue?” Click “Yes” to go to your device’s app store.

2. Download the Card Control App

Download the free Elements Card Control app from your mobile device in Google Play or the Apple Store. The app icon looks like this:

3. Open the Card Control App

Tap the app icon on your phone to open the Card Control app. When you open the app, you will see a screen (pictured above right) that prompts you to “Continue to Elements Mobile Banking.“ Click that button.

4. Sync Card Control with the Mobile App

Once you are back in the Mobile App, click on “Featured Tools” then “Card Control” in the left menu navigation. This action syncs the two apps. You have successfully set up Card Control!

5. Accessing the Card Control App

If facial or fingerprint recognition (for example, Face ID and Touch ID on an iPhone) is enabled within your Card Control app, then you can access the Card Control app independently for subsequent logins. No need to go through Online Banking.

If you do not have facial or fingerprint recognition set up, access your Card Control features by clicking on “Featured Tools” then “Card Control” in the left navigation menu.

What kinds of controls and alerts can I set on my cards?

A woman getting a Card Control alert with her phone on the sidewalk

Budget your spending and prevent fraudulent activity by setting controls and alerts on transaction location, spending, merchant types, and transaction types. 

  • Transaction Location - GPS capabilities can either limit where your card is used or assure it’s able to be used only when it’s with you. You can also set alerts to notify you if a debit card transaction occurs in an unexpected location.
  • Spending Limits - Use spend controls to set spending limits so that you can stick to your budget. Or set spend alerts to know if your Elements credit or debit card has had a transaction that exceeds a set limit or when your monthly limit has been exceeded.
  • Merchant Categories - Allow spending at specific merchant categories when you need them and turn them off just as easily. Use merchant alerts to receive a notification when your Elements credit or debit cards are used at specific merchant types like retail stores, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Transaction Types - Manage the types of debit card transactions allowed on your cards. Use transaction type controls to allow or deny transactions for specific transaction types, such as in-store, online, mail/phone order, auto pay, and ATM.


How to Set Card Control Alerts

  1. On the opening screen of the Card Control app, click on the card for which you want to set an alert.
  2. On the next screen, select “Controls & Alerts,” then “Alert Preferences.”
  3. On the line that says “Send alerts for,” tap the button on the right (the button will say “None” if you have no alerts set).
  4. If you’d like to receive alerts for all card transactions, choose “All Transactions” in the drop-down.
  5. To select which alerts you‘d like to receive, choose “Selected Transactions” in the drop-down. Then click on the type of alert you’d like to set (Locations, Merchant Types, Transaction Types, or Spend Limits) and follow the prompts.
  6. That’s it, your alerts are set! You will receive the alerts you set up in the Card Control app via a push notification that pops up on the home screen of your mobile device.

Setting Card Control AlertsSetting Card Control Alerts