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Student Edge Checking

Teaches students how to conveniently manage their money on the go.

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Student Edge Checking

A great start whether they’re at home or college.


  • Offered for students ages 15 to 24
  • No minimum balance
  • No overdraft fees
  • No monthly Maintenance Service Charge
  • Unlimited transactions and check writing
  • Visa® debit card with the convenience of paying at retailers with a tap, a swipe, or a chip
  • Access to more than 78,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide


  • You are a student that wants the flexibility of no minimum balance with the security of no overdraft fees
  • You want to teach your child how to manage their money


Get a Debit Card that is So You

Choose from three debit card options when you apply for your checking account:

  • Elements - Our standard debit card style
  • Butler - Back the Bulldogs every time you use it
  • Indianapolis Indians - Show your support for Indianapolis’ Minor League baseball team

What are the advantages of a Student Edge Checking Account?

Not all learning is in a classroom! Student Edge Checking teaches teens and young adults how to conveniently manage their money on the go. They can check their balance at any time, either with the mobile app or by logging in online. This will get them in the good habit of keeping an eye on their balance before making transactions. But in case they spend more than is available, they will not be charged an overdraft fee. And with students in mind, we don’t require a minimum balance with this account. With Student Edge Checking, you'll also enjoy:

Great Features

  • Unlimited transactions and unlimited check writing
  • No minimum balance
  • No overdraft fees
  • No monthly Maintenance Service Charge
  • Real-time fraud alerts
  • Online check images
  • Ability to connect your account to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and other digital wallets


  • Visa® debit and ATM card with security chip accepted anywhere Visa is
  • Access to more than 78,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide
  • Shared branch access at more than 5,000 branches nationwide
  • Lost debit card? No problem. Just freeze it from anywhere using the Card Control app. Then use CardSwap when you get your new card to update your payment info in just one place for over 50 online shopping, streaming, and other subscription services
  • The convenience of direct deposit of payroll 


Note: The Student Edge Checking Account does not have dividends and, therefore, does not have specific rates.

Open an Account Compare to Other Checking Accounts

How does Student Edge Checking compare to other checking options?

As its name suggests, Student Edge Checking is just for members aged 15-24 who are enrolled in school. See below for other differences among our checking options

  Student Edge Checking High Interest Checking Basic Checking
Key Benefits

For students ages 15 to 24

No minimum balance requirements

No overdraft fees

New accountholders enjoy 4% APY for 12 months on balances up to $20,0001

Eligible to earn dividends with only 15 qualifying transactions per statement cycle

Multiple overdraft protection options

First 40 checks FREE

No minimum balance requirements

Multiple overdraft protection options

First 40 checks FREE

A Good Option If You

Are a student that wants the flexibility of no minimum balance with the security of no overdraft fees

Want to teach your child how to manage their money

Want the flexibility of a traditional checking account while you earn dividends

Maintain a high average daily balance

Use direct deposit, are 50 or older, or under age 25 — no monthly fee!

You don't want to have to maintain a minimum balance

Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

4.00% APY on balances up to $20,000 for new accountholders during their 12 months1

Unlimited Transactions
No Minimum Balance
Monthly Maintenance Service Charge


$0 when enrolled in estatements!

Otherwise, $5 per month

$0 if you set up direct deposit, maintain a balance of $10,000 in your Elements accounts, or are age 50 or older or under age 25

Otherwise, $5 per month

No Overdraft Fees
First 40 Checks Free

What fees can I expect?

Maintenance Fees

The Student Edge Checking Account has NO monthly Maintenance Service Charge.

Overdraft Fees

The Student Edge Checking Account has no overdraft fees, a helpful feature for students learning how to manage their money. With most checking accounts, there would be up to a $32 overdraft fee each time a transaction occurs when there are not sufficient funds to cover it.

Ordering Checks

Your first 40 checks for your new checking account are FREE. After your first 40 checks, you can reorder checks for your account. Checks typically range from $14 to $30 per 80 checks. Call us for specific check printing pricing and reorders at 1-317-276-2105.

Other Possible Fees

There are small fees for requested transactions, such as asking for an account history printout or rushing a debit card replacement. You can view these and other fees within the checking account agreement and terms and conditions. 

That’s it, there are no other fees with Student Edge Checking!

Are there really no overdraft fees?

That’s correct!

The Student Edge Checking Account has no overdraft fees, a helpful feature for students learning how to manage their money. With other checking accounts, they would be assessed up to $32 each time there are not sufficient funds to cover a transaction. As they keep an eye on their balance, they will see when they need to add funds. Then, when they are on their own, they will already have the good habit in place of not spending more than is available at a given time.

Is Elements Online Banking easy to use?


It’s easy to do your banking and budgeting with Elements — no matter where you are. Our goal with online banking is simple: to provide you with a state-of-the-art digital banking experience that you can count on and is consistent across all devices.

With Elements Online Banking and our Mobile App, you can:

  • Check your balances, make loan payments, and transfer money between accounts
  • Deposit checks using your phone or computer camera
  • View check images online
  • Pay your bills online 24/7/365
  • Review your account history with a 14-month electronic archive of statements
  • Locate branches and ATMs near you
  • See your credit score with any checking account or loan
  • Pay friends and family conveniently with Zelle® plus other digital wallet options
  • And more

Learn More about Online Banking

I like to use digital wallet options (like Apple Pay) to pay for things. Does Elements offer that?

Yes! Elements offers a variety of digital wallet options to help add security and simplicity to your life—and we are constantly adding even more options. For instance, your debit card lets you make payments from your checking account via:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • PayPal
  • Zelle®
  • Amazon Reload
  • This logo anywhere Visa is accepted online

Learn More about Digital Wallet Options

Why should I choose Elements for my checking account?

Like a Bank, Only Better!

Better Rates. Fewer Fees.

Because we’re a credit union, we return profits to members in the form of reduced fees, higher savings rates and lower loan rates.

Trusted Advice. Fresh Approach.

We pride ourselves in being a trusted source for financial education. Your financial wellness expert will come to your workplace to answer questions and provide you with one-on-one assistance as you navigate the changes that come with each of life's stages.

Respected Locally. Accessed Globally.

Headquartered in Indianapolis since 1930, we rank among the top 4% of credit unions nationally2. We serve members in all 50 states and 50+ countries. You’ll have access to 5,000+ shared branches nationwide and 78,000+ surcharge-free ATMs globally.

High Tech. Human Touch.

Our technology makes banking with Elements easy. From quick digital applications to online and mobile banking, we’ll be by your side wherever you go. We’re here for you with member service available 24/7 and live chat during the workday.

Open an Account

How do I open an account?

Students ages 15 to 17

We regret that legal restrictions prevent students ages 15 to 17 from opening a Student Edge Checking Account online. Students ages 15 to 17 must complete the PDF Membership Application and Membership Addendum. Return these forms to an Elements location or email  them to us at If you need help filling out the forms, please call us at 1-800-621-2105.

Students ages 18 to 24

Students ages 18 to 24 can apply online in as little as 10 minutes! You are also welcome to apply in person at one of our locations.

Online Banking & Mobile App

Once your Student Edge Checking Account is open, you can enroll in Online Banking. Online banking allows you to easily check your balances, deposit checks, pay bills and transfer money between accounts from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Learn more about Online Banking.


I signed up for Student Edge at my college orientation and it’s worked great for me. Elements has five ATMs on my campus so I can access my cash for free!

- Bobby K. | Member since 2018
  1. 1 Promo High Interest Checking (Promo HINT) is a High Interest Checking account with blended rate tiers, meaning the stated dividend rate will be paid on the portion of the balance for each tier. Tier 1 earns a promotional 4.00% fixed Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on balances up to $20,000.00 for the first 12 months from the account opening date. Tier 2 pays a blended APY ranging from 0.10% to 1.66% on balances from $20,000.01 to $50,000.00 and is variable and may change at any time without notice. To earn Tier 1 or Tier 2 dividends rates, 15 qualifying transactions must be performed during each statement cycle. Accounts not meeting the qualifying transaction threshold will earn 0.05% APY which is variable and may change at any time. Rates are accurate as of February 1, 2023. On the first day of the month following the account opening anniversary month, the Promo HINT APY will automatically convert to the then current non-promotional High Interest Checking account APY which is variable and may change at any time without notice. Current High Interest Checking account holders and those with High Interest Checking accounts closed less than 180 days are not eligible. An existing High Interest Checking account cannot be converted to the Promo HINT. Limit one Promo HINT per person. Other qualifications may apply. Promotional offer may be discontinued at any time. Only the following are qualifying transactions: Debit card purchases, checks, bill payments, ATM withdrawals and ACH withdrawals. No other transactions qualify. At least one account holder must be at least 18 years old. Fees may reduce earnings.
  2. 2 Based on asset size as of 12/31/2021