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Payment updates are easier for your favorite online shopping, streaming, and subscription services with CardSwap.

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  • Update your Elements debit and credit card information for over 50 of your favorite online shopping and streaming services
  • Includes Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Walmart, Hulu, and more1
  • Save time by removing the hassle of visiting each company's site and make these updates all in one place
  • Easily update your payment information in the event that your card gets lost, stolen, or compromised


  • Use online banking or our mobile app to enroll in and make changes to CardSwap


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Set up CardSwap.
Setting Up CardSwap

Once logged into online banking or our mobile app, choose CardSwap and then Get Started.

Set up CardSwap.Setting Up CardSwap

Scroll through the list of available companies and select the ones you'd like to switch to your Elements debit or credit card. Then click Next in the upper right corner.

Set up CardSwap.Setting Up CardSwap

Add your Elements debit or credit card information and click Verify Card.

Set up CardSwap.Setting Up CardSwap

Complete the login fields for each company you selected as instructed. When you're done, click Verify.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is CardSwap?
A: CardSwap is a convenient and easy tool to update the payment method on many of your subscription services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and more. To begin swapping your card on your subscription services.

  1. Login to Elements online banking
  2. Select CardSwap from the main menu
  3. Select from dozens of subscription services
  4. Assign the Elements debit or credit card you wish to use

CardSwap will replace the card on file with your selected online merchant to your Elements debit or credit card.

Q: Why does CardSwap need my login information for the subscription service?
In order to update the card on file at a selected subscription service, CardSwap uses the credentials provided to access and update your payment preferences at the online merchant.

Q: Does CardSwap allow me to assign my Elements debit card for some services and my Elements credit card for others?
Yes, CardSwap supports both Elements debit and credit cards. You may load multiple Elements cards. The card currently displayed when selecting a merchant to update is the card that will be added to that merchant. You may then select your other Elements card and swap other merchants to an alternate card.

Q: Why am I getting an error message when I try to add a new card to CardSwap?
CardSwap supports Elements debit and credit cards. To avoid an error adding the card, ensure the card being added is an Elements card and that the expiration and CVV information for the card was entered correctly.

Q: How do I remove my Elements card from a merchant after I used CardSwap to update?
If you wish to remove your Elements card from a particular merchant you previously swapped, visit your online account for that merchant and remove the Elements card.

Q: How long does it take a card to be swapped with a vendor?
A: CardSwap notifies you to allow 24 hours for the payment information to be updated with the vendor. In many instances it only takes a few minutes to see the changes and many vendors will notify you by email that your information has been updated.

Q: What if I can't remember my login credentials for a particular company?
A: There is a "Get Help" link on the left side of the area where you enter your credentials. You'll be redirected to that company's site to get help resetting or remembering your password.

Q: Do I have to have an active subscription to one of the listed companies in order for the swap to work?
A: Yes. If your subscription has lapsed, you must first renew with the company, and then CardSwap will allow you to update your payment information to your Elements debit or credit card.

Q: Can I use CardSwap with my account number and routing number?
A: No. You have to have an Elements debit or credit Card in order to use CardSwap. There is no ACH option at this time.

Q: What if the company I want to update my card with is not listed in CardSwap?
A: Companies that participate with CardSwap are constantly being updated.

  1. 1 None of the listed companies are associated with, sponsor, or endorse this product.