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Student Loans

Are you prepared with the Financial Elements of Education?

As the cost of college tuition continues to rise, our student loan experts can help you fulfill your educational goals or those of your children. Now you can fill the gaps between federal aid and the cost of tuition.

Our student loans feature low interest rates, multiple repayment options, and a line-of-credit feature that features a one-time application and allows for multiple draw requests. Our student loan experts want to support you before, during and after college with advice and smart financing decisions.

Contact Elements Financial first as you or your child plans for college at or our Student Loan Hotline: (317) 524-5168.

Student Lending One-On-One Appointments

Students or parents who need funding for the 2017-2018 school year can look to these personalized learning opportunities with our Student Lending Experts to:

  • Explore options and identify differences between federal and private student loans
  • Discuss options for undergraduate degrees
  • Discuss options for graduate students seeking a business degree
  • Get assistance completing your student loan application

Schedule a Meeting with a Student Loan Advisor 

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Private Student Loans Feature
  • School-certified, convenient line of credit allows for one application and multiple draw requests
  • Covers costs of attendance, including tuition, fees, books, room and board, and other related expenses
  • Competitive variable interest rates based on credit score
  • 0.25% rate discount during repayment for automated electronic payments
  • No origination or pre-payment fees
  • Flexible repayment options during school and after graduation, including the option to defer payment while still enrolled in school
  • Co-borrower not required; yet qualified co-borrower could result in lower interest rate
  • Co-borrower release with 48 months of consecutive monthly on-time payments
Your Student Loan Options
Undergraduate Private Student Loan Attending a four-year, degree granting college or university and need some help?

Check out our Undergraduate Private Student Loans.
  • For attendance at most four-year public and private non-profit schools
  • Minimum draw of $1,000
  • Aggregate maximum of $75,000
Learn more at
Student Loan Refinance Are you looking to combine all your student loans into one?
  • Refinance your private or federal student loans, including PLUS loans
  • No more sending multiple payments to multiple lenders
  • 15-year repayment term
  • Finance up to $125,000
Learn more at
Graduate MBA Student Loan Going back for your MBA? Our Graduate MBA Student Loan may be helpful to you.
  • For attendance at most graduate business schools at four-year public and private non-profit schools
  • Minimum draw of $1,000
  • Aggregate maximum of $100,000
Learn more at
Traditional Federal Student Loans Apply through your school, but feel free to contact us for advice via email at or our Student Loan Hotline: (317) 524-5168.
Specific University Student Loans

Art Institute of Indianapolis
UCLA International Private Student Loan
UC Berkeley International Private Student Loan
University of Rochester International Private Student


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