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Gift Cards & Reloadable Cards No Longer Offered at Elements

Effective December 29, 2023, Elements Financial will no longer offer Visa® Gift Cards or Reloadable Cards.

As a result, the following circumstances will apply:

  • Our ability to order new cards and/or add funds to reloadable cards will end.
  • For gift cards in the market, your funds can continue to be used until the expiration period has been met. Usage of our gift cards will continue for years to come, based on when the cards were originally issued.
  • For reloadable cards in the market, we will deactivate those cards in early 2024 on a date yet to be determined (no sooner than March). Please spend your remaining balance. We will contact reloadable cardholders with specifics.

As an Elements member and a gift cardholder or reloadable cardholder, you can continue to contact Atira, our vendor-partner for support of these products, via the following numbers and websites:

For gift cards:

For reloadable cards:


Which card products are impacted?

Gift cards and reloadable cards will no longer be offered by Elements. Our Visa TravelMoney Cards will continue to be offered at this time.

How long can I continue to purchase these products?

The last day for Elements to issue new gift cards and/or to replenish existing reloadable cards will be December 29, 2023. Our Visa TravelMoney Cards can be purchased until further notice.


How can I check my gift card balance?

Cardholders can access their available balance and obtain a transaction history 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at, or by calling toll-free 800-721-3978.

What will happen to my gift card and the remaining value when the Elements program ends on December 29?

Gift cards will remain in the market until your funds are either depleted or once you have met the expiration date. This could last as long as several years and depends on the original date of purchase.


How can I check my reloadable card balance?

Cardholders can obtain their account balance anytime by logging into and signing into My Account, or by calling customer service at 866-466-0058 (954-377-4496 outside the U.S.) Some ATMs may offer the capability of providing your account balance as well.

Please refer to the ATIRAreload Fee Schedule at for possible fees.

How do I access cash on my reloadable card?

Cardholders can use their PIN to withdraw funds from any ATM where Visa/Mastercard debit cards are accepted. To withdraw funds from a financial institution, you can present the card to the teller and ask for a cash advance or withdrawal. In some instances, retailers will allow cardholders to obtain cash back after making a purchase when entering a PIN and selecting "debit" on the point-of-sale terminal.

Please refer to the ATIRAreload card Fee Schedule at for possible fees. To locate an ATM, cardholders can visit

What will happen to my reloadable card and the remaining value when the Elements program ends on December 29?

It’s best to focus on using any remaining value on your card now. Elements will notify you about a date in early 2024 (no sooner than March) when your reloadable card will be deactivated. At that time, you can expect any remaining funds on the card to be returned to you, either through a cashier’s check issued to your mailing address or by way of a credit to another deposit account you have at Elements. We will contact you with specifics in early 2024.

Does this affect Visa TravelMoney Cards?

Travel cards will continue to be offered at this time. If travel cards are no longer offered at Elements, it will be communicated appropriately.


Thank you for your understanding about this matter. We appreciate your loyal business!

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