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Elements Financial & NeighborLink Indianapolis Announce Partnership

Local Credit Union and Non-Profit Work to Strengthen Neighborhoods Together

Elements Financial is proud to announce an exciting partnership with NeighborLink Indianapolis supporting the aging population of Marion County. Elements, a large credit union, presented NeighborLink with a grant for $20,000 in support of their critical services to the residents of our city.

Elements is proud to support NeighborLink’s need to hire local contractors to complete home renovation projects for senior citizen residents who could not accomplish the projects on their own. Founder of NeighborLink Indianapolis, Dave Withey, explains that their mission is simple - “to allow seniors in need to stay in their own homes safely and with dignity.” Thanks to the sponsorship from Elements, this will be a reality for many residents who potentially could have been displaced.

Elements is encouraging employees and members to get involved with NeighborLink in the following new and exciting ways:

Seeking Local Contractors

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NeighborLink has been unable to utilize volunteers to complete projects. This has led to an increased need for local contractors to donate time or offer their services at a discounted rate. If you are a local contractor who may be interested in supporting NeighborLink, please contact Dave Withey at

Social Media Challenge

This spring, NeighborLink is hosting a social media challenge to engage the local community. Please visit their channels on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

Volunteer Database

NeighborLink is excited about volunteers re-joining their workforce in the coming months. If you are interested in volunteering later this year, please email Dave Withey at to be contacted when opportunities arise.  The credit union is guided by three “Pillars of Giving” that were defined by their charitable giving committee with the assistance of the Central Indiana Community Foundation. The pillars include Youth Development, Healthy Lifestyles, and Homelessness and Housing.


Elements is impressed with NeighborLink’s commitment to keeping at-risk individuals in their homes and communities. The partnership is a clear fit for our Homelessness and Housing Pillar, and we couldn’t be more excited to support their efforts in our community.

- Susan Weber

Withey explains, “Seniors in need represent a growing population in our city. Many of them fall below poverty level with no family to support them. They are living in old homes that begin to break down, which really leads to a poor quality of life.”

Thanks to Elements’ support, the NeighborLink team will strengthen more communities throughout 2020.

Want to learn more about getting involved with NeighborLink?

NeighborLink Indianapolis is a nonprofit organization that provides free home repairs and related services to low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities within Marion County.

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