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James Isgan, IT Operations Manager

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

What Does James Do?

His role involves analyzing our employees’ work flow to ensure the technology we use is efficient and effective. From managing our internal help desk to engineering new software, he is always on his toes working to maintain Elements’ technology needs. While James spends a lot of time focused on his various roles and duties independently, he also collaborates with the IT team to guarantee all the company’s technical aspects are functional, responsive, and intuitive.

When Did James Join Elements? 

Before coming to Elements, James worked in IT for 20 years at various companies, while also playing and performing with a rock band. His band, Nemo, was one of the first artists on Spotify in 2006. His love for the rock genre has remained consistent. Aside from music, he has a love for hockey and wrestling. 

Although James is a music and sports fan first, he does enjoy learning about the ever-changing world of technology. After his previous company shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, James found Elements and has been managing IT Operations here since! 

Where Could James Be?

When he isn’t at the office or attending local rock shows, it’s possible he is traveling out of the country to his favorite vacation destination. While traveling for work a few years back, he found himself in Munich, Germany and has since visited a few times to soak up the German culture and enjoy the unique beer options. This spot is interesting to him as it is a transportation hub for European travelers, and he likes learning from the friendly locals who reside there. 

Why Does James Enjoy Elements?

In school, James had an affinity for history because of all the parts and components that made the whole. This is reflective of how he handles technical situations at Elements both with independent and dependent work. He also enjoys collaborating with various departments and learning from his peers. Each person has their own learning style and preferred methods and for James that can be an invigorating aspect of the job. One of his favorite things about working for our company is the one-of-a-kind Elements Financial culture. In all his positions, he has never worked at a company with the community that Elements offers. 

How is James Outside the Office?

Despite being a wrestling and rock music lover, James is playful and a softie at heart. At home, he spends a lot of quality time with his two sons playing video games. He also loves superheroes, specifically Batman and Wonder Woman. He believes to have his own superhero ability to remain nearly invisible and often uses this on his children to pop out and surprise them when least expected. If you see James around, be sure to stay vigilant to avoid the classic “James Jumpscare.”

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