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Todd Shickel, Vice President of Business Development

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

Who is Todd?

Todd is Vice President of Business Development at Elements Financial. Beyond his skills in banking, he is also a natural mathematician and a passionate Chicago Cubs fan.

What Does Todd Do?

Todd’s role within the company requires superior people skills and a love for learning. Regularly, he needs to connect with others to advance the business of Elements. He primarily works with companies in the Indianapolis region as they become partner organizations with the credit union. His job also involves working with mentors and those needing mentorship. However, no matter who he connects with, his approach is genuine and sincere to establish a healthy relationship between the two parties.

When Did Todd Join Elements?

Around the age of 23, Todd began working for a bank in Arizona. Todd felt confident he could work his way up in the banking field. In 1991, he settled in Indiana and landed multiple other banking opportunities. Todd felt comfortable in his profession but opted for a different career path in Real Estate in 2008 and 2009. From there, he got a two-year contract with Allied Solutions, networked with the right people, and landed himself a manager position at Elements. Todd has now grown from his first role to an Assistant Vice President and now to Vice President of Business Development.

Where Could Todd Be?

Todd is especially fond of beautiful coastal vistas. His usual vacation spots are places close to the beach in Florida or California. In Todd’s normal day-to-day, he also finds enjoyment in going to the gym. He encourages himself to aim for a healthy and positive mindset when he finishes a workout. Todd has his sights set on traveling to Italy one day for the good food and wine. Tales of pretty villages lined up along the coast are greatly appealing to him. He is also fond of the idea of making it to Germany for similar reasons.

Why Does Todd Enjoy Elements Financial?

Todd has always preferred math over English since he was in school and going to work where he develops those skills daily is something he finds enjoyable. Todd is also a major believer in the values of integrity and honesty, which he uses whenever he connects with clients and coworkers. In fact, connecting with good people is something he considers to be one of the best parts of his job. As an audio learner, listening and learning from others are his key components for working effectively.

How is Todd Outside the Office?

As we mentioned, Todd is a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs! So much so that he considers the job of a play-by-play announcer for the Cubs or a tour manager for Pearl Jam to be dream jobs for him. Rock & Roll is his favorite musical genre. Todd also loves to read, especially autobiographies such as Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers or Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. Based on his preferred superhero powers, Todd might also be known to shape-shift from time to time; so the next time you are talking to a coworker, be sure to double-check… is that secretly Todd?

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