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Chris Miller, Marketing AV Manager

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

Who is Chris?

Chris is our Marketing AV Manager. His top CliftonStrengths are Responsibility, Harmony, Achiever, Adaptability and Arranger, making him a great manager of people and projects. Chris is known by his coworkers as a wonderful collaborator, easy going, and incredibly funny. He says the key to his relationships are a shared desire to laugh. 

What does Chris do? 

Chris has worn many hats on the Marketing team over the years. His current role focuses on producing internal and external video content. He partners with internal financial experts to create educational social media videos, live broadcasts, virtual workshops, podcast episodes, as well as other written production materials through copyrighting and disclosures.  

When did Chris join Elements? 

When Chris graduated college he began working for a professional sports team, which required long and odd working hours. He decided to search for a more traditional marketing position and joined Elements in July of 2014. He says, “Over nine years later I have continued to learn and enjoy my time at the credit union.”

Why does Chris enjoy working at Elements?

Chris shares the best part of his job is the opportunity to learn on a team with diverse age ranges, expertise, and backgrounds. “Our cohesiveness allows us to be more efficient and in turn better serve our members,” he shares.

Where can we find Chris?

Outside of managing the production room at Elements, he also juggles a part time job inside the control room at Victory Field for nearly all 75 games during the Indians baseball season. In September he was recognized with the Believe Award, our Elements employee of the month, and the Indianapolis Indians 2023 Game Day Employee of the Year. It’s safe to say Chris is highly regarded on any team he serves on.

When he is not working at Elements, Victory Field, or Lucas Oil Stadium, he enjoys exploring the Broad Ripple neighborhood with his 13-year old rescued beagle. 

What are some “fun facts” about Chris?

  • He went to a high school named after the astronaut “John Glenn”
  • Chris rarely goes a day without making a “Seinfeld” reference
  • He’s working toward attending a game at each Big Ten Football Stadium

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