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Miranda Finley, Relationship Manager

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

Who is Miranda?

She is a Certified Financial Wellness Facilitator, Relationship Manager, and Host of the Better Money Podcast. 

What does Miranda do?

She teaches financial workshops out in the community and works with our company partners to meet their employee’s financial wellness needs. In summary, Miranda empowers individuals to reach their own unique visions of financial success and stability. 

When did Miranda join Elements?

She joined Elements in 2012. Before Elements, Miranda worked in banking, taking up a strong interest in personal finance. She says the holistic approach to financial wellness at Elements was something unique to behold. From the products offered, to how we teach employees to provide services, to developing a Corporate Financial Wellness Program, she loves that Elements “walks the walk.” 

Why does Miranda enjoy working at Elements?

Miranda shares she feels empowered as an employee to truly help people and make a difference. She adds, “We are striving as an organization to provide products and solutions to make our member’s lives better.”

Where can we find Miranda?

When she’s not laughing at her husband, Scott, or bribing her dog with treats to like her the most, she’s probably working on a home improvement project or planning her next travel adventure in Google Sheets.  Miranda also enjoys spending time with her nose in a book. You may find her searching for the next one at her favorite bookstore, Viewpoint Books. 

What are some “fun facts” about Miranda?

  • She has lived in 6 states. 
  • Her childhood dream was to become a professional clown. 
  • Miranda and her husband did most of their home renovation themselves!

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