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Kristin Peters, Accounting & ACH Specialist

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

Who is Kristin?

She is our Accounting & ACH Specialist at Elements. As an accredited ACH professional, she’s a subject matter expert on the Accounting team. She describes herself as hardworking, friendly, and always happy to help where she can. 

What does Kristin do?

Her role focuses on processing electronic fund transfers and keeping accounts accurate and current. She handles all ACH functions to ensure the member’s transactions process correctly and handles a variety of accounting tasks.

When did Kristin join Elements? 

In March 2020, two weeks before the pandemic started, Kristin felt uncertain about her career working at a CPA firm and decided to interview at Elements. She was hired as a Universal Associate, a position that allowed her to move around through various departments to fill in where there was work to be done. After shadowing in Branches and helping in Loan Servicing for 5 months, Kristin eventually landed in Accounting. She’s been there ever since and feels that it is the perfect fit.   

Why does Kristin enjoy working at Elements? 

Kristin enjoys the culture and camaraderie at Elements. She may be biased, but believes her team is especially amazing to work with.  

Where can we find Kristin? 

Outside of Elements, Kristin can be found in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and using family members as her taste testers. She loves getting creative and adding new touches to her favorite meals. After dinner, you can find her catching up on her favorite shows.  

What is a “fun fact” about Kristin? 

Brace yourself for this one. She once took a tumble into a shark tank!

Okay, it was more like a dip into a two-foot-deep tank where you pet aquatic animals at the zoo. Kristin laughs it off, saying, “I basically did a handstand in the tank with sharks swimming past my arms… It wasn’t too serious but it’s always fun to say I fell in.” 

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