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Erin's Financial Partner in Elements

The Loyalty of a Lilly Member

It’s common for workplaces to have a break room, cafeteria or gym. But having a financial intuition onsite can be one of the most useful amenities for employees. 

Elements’ expertise in bringing banking to work started back in 1930 when our credit union was founded by the management of Eli Lilly and Company. Since then, we’ve maintained a strong presence in the halls of Lilly, including our flagship branch at Lilly Corporate Center and two branches at Lilly Technology Center.

Eli Lilly Founded Elements Credit Union in 1930 as Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union

That’s where Erin Jessup’s relationship with Elements began. While being enticed by a checking rate, Jessup really appreciated Elements onsite presence at her workplace explaining “they had a great deal with a high interest checking account, and on top of their availability at work, it just seemed like a no-brainer.” Now, Elements has become Jessup’s primary financial institution. She says that “it’s very nice to have my checking, savings, and auto loan all within the same page” making it easy to “quickly transfer money throughout these accounts.”

Back in August of 2019, Jessup found a new car that she wanted to purchase through a private seller, but she was crunched for time. Elements’ presence at her workplace allowed her to get the check she needed quickly. Jessup explains, “I needed a cashier’s check, and I needed it quickly. When I got approved for a loan through Elements, the teller at the Lilly branch stayed after hours with me to print it.” She has now become a frequent visitor to our Lilly Technology Center branch, saying that she is “able to walk there during my lunch hours to ask questions” and that “Getting and cashing checks is very easy” thanks to the branch’s proximity to her desk. 

In addition to visiting the branch, Jessup has entrusted Elements with providing trusted financial education. In a recent workshop that she attended on the Lilly campus, she learned “how important it is to prioritize debt, but also save money.” She was able to gain clarity on her loan repayment strategy, understanding that “paying off loans over time helps establish responsible credit habits, and saving money early in a 401k reaps interest gains in the long-run.” 

Jessup is thankful that she took advantage of the High Interest Checking Account rate back when she was an intern at Lilly because it started a meaningful relationship with her credit union. She explains, “the best part of banking through Elements is the trust I have in this institution to help me, to educate me, and to keep me financially grounded.” Jessup says that it feels like “Elements isn’t just my bank, it’s my financial guardian.” Our credit union is proud to be a source of trusted advice onsite at nearly 150 workplaces across the state of Indiana.

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