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Pay with Credit or Debit Card

Use your Elements cards to pay your bills with Bill Pay.

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Pay with Credit or Debit Card

Pay your bills the way you want.


  • Pay your bills easily with your Elements credit or debit card
  • Earn rewards on your Elements credit card just by paying your bills
  • Keep all your bill payments centralized in one place

How do I set up a card on my account?

Log in to your bill pay account. On the home page, you’ll see a list of your payees. Eligible payees will show a “Pay by card” link. (A)

Once you click “Pay by card,” a wizard will appear to walk you through how to set up a card as a payment method. Click “Next.” Add your Elements debit or credit card information.

Select “Next” to link your bill pay account to your payee account. Enter your payee account credentials and click “Verify.” Once your account is verified, hit “I’m done.”

Now that your card is set up, you can make a payment.

How do I make a one-time payment with my card?

After you add your card, you’ll see a pop-up window. Within this window, find the payee you’d like to pay. Select “Pay.” The due date and amount owed will be displayed.

On the next screen, select “Pay now.” You can use the card information you just entered or enter a new card. Now a one-time payment confirmation screen will appear. Select “Yes” to complete the payment.

You’ll see a confirmation that your payment is processing.

How do I schedule a future payment on my card?

Click “Pay by card” under an eligible payee. (A) Then, click “Schedule.” Choose the date on the calendar that you’d like the payment to process.

You can choose the card you just added to your account or you can add a new card.

After you choose your payment method, you’ll see the one-time payment confirmation. Select “Yes” and you’re done.

How do I set up a recurring payment on my card?

Click “Pay by card” under an eligible payee. (A)

Select the “Settings” tab. Now select “Automatic payment scheduling.” From the dropdown menu, select “ON. AUTOMATICALLY SCHEDULED.” to indicate you’d like recurring payments.

Finally, choose your “Payment schedule” so you can set it and forget it.