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The Advantages of Bill Pay

Pay Your Bills with Ease Using Elements Digital Banking Tools

As we continue to adjust to a new normal of quarantining and social distancing, convenience is now a necessity. The impact of COVID-19 has forced consumers to rely on technology to complete daily routines, such as grocery shopping or paying bills. In many cases, the days of physically going into your local utility company to pay a bill are gone (and if they aren’t for you… please don’t forget your mask!)

In our current environment, using Elements Bill Pay is one simple solution to alleviate stress when paying your recurring bills. 

What is Bill Pay?

The Bill Pay tool from Elements is a free service offered via online banking that provides a secure and convenient way to organize bills and pay before they’re due.  Bill Pay offers a variety of features including:

  • Automatic Payments
  • eBills
  • Calendar View showing a snapshot of all upcoming scheduled bill payments
  • Free Stop Payments
  • Customized Reminders to keep you informed on Bill Pay activities
  • Grouping and Categorizing tools for all of your bills
  • Gift & Charity Payments allowing you to gift funds to friends and family or donate to charity

Need support? We're here for you when you need us. Contact Elements at any time to be directed to our eCommerce team!


How Do I Set Up Bill Pay?

It’s easy to get started with Bill Pay from Elements:

  1. Gather your bills, including account numbers and mailing addresses for your payments
  2. Enter each biller’s information into the Pay Bills section of your online Elements account
  3. Choose when to send the payment
  4. Select recurring or one-time payment
  5. Set reminders to track when each bill is due


Why Bill Pay?

  • Convenience: Pay and monitor your bills from one location.
  • Credit Score: When you set up automatic payments, you minimize the chance of being late or delinquent, which can damage your credit score. Ensuring on time payments will help to boost your score.
  • Decrease Identity Theft: Bill Pay allows you to pay everything digitally, resulting in less paper statements mailed to your home.
  • Saves Money: Ditch the need for checks, stamps, envelopes and trips to the post office.

I’m proud to be part of the Elements eCommerce team that helps more than 20,000 members pay their bills each year. In 2020 alone, Elements sent over 10 million dollars to merchants on behalf of our members.

- Brooke Moss | eCommerce Support Analyst

Brooke’s Tips and Tricks

Enjoy the expertise of eCommerce Support Analyst Brooke Moss with these tips:

  • Pay all your bills at once by clicking the Pay All option on the Payments tab
  • To pay a person electronically, simply click Pay a Person and enter their account and routing numbers
  • View and filter your payment history by clicking View More on the history module
  • Add or update your personal information, notifications, and the accounts you use by clicking My Account 


Have questions or need trusted advice? Our credit union experts are always here for you.  Contact Elements Financial for support in all aspects of your financial life.

This information is provided for informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal, tax or financial advice. Consult with your tax, legal or financial adviser before taking any action.

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