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Mitch Kooi, Loan Servicing Specialist

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

Who is Mitch?

He is a Loan Servicing Specialist who describes himself as “a determined team player with a process-oriented mindset.” He enjoys looking for process improvements to enhance both the member and employee experience here at Elements.

What does Mitch do?

His primary role is to solve problems. Whether it is an internal process that can be improved or a member concern, he is passionate about resolving issues to better the member experience. While his primary focus and responsibility is to work with members to resolve any issues they are having with their loan, he also takes care of vehicle titles and lien placement. He states, “I am consistently working on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our titling process to ensure Elements’ interests are secured.”

When did Mitch join Elements?

He joined Elements in August of 2020. When looking for a position, he reached out to one of his mentors, who is one of our members, and his mentor immediately recommended that he do some research on Elements once he mentioned that he was interested in finance. He noted, “it meant a lot to me that my mentor was so satisfied with Elements’ service. I thought Elements’ culture was a great fit for me and they offer many opportunities for professional growth.”

Why does Mitch enjoy working at Elements?

He says, “I enjoy working with the people at Elements. I have a great team that is always looking out for each other and loves to share knowledge. I have learned so much here and that will only continue. I appreciate the opportunities for professional advancement as well as the ability to bring process improvement ideas to management. Management is very receptive to process improvement ideas and gives you opportunities to present changes that you think can better the member and employee experience.”

Where can we find Mitch?

He is a lover of sports, especially football. In the fall, you will typically find him on his couch on Saturdays and Sundays watching games. He also enjoys golfing and getting together with friends and family.

What are some “fun facts” about Mitch?

  • He and his dad have a tradition where they go to one away Chicago Bears game a year together. His family does not live in Indianapolis, so it gives them an opportunity to watch a game together and check out a new city and stadium.
  • He loves food and getting a chance to try new restaurants. He exclaims, “I used to be a very picky eater, but I got over that once I realized how much good food I was missing out on!”

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