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Adan Gutierrez, Commercial Lending Specialist

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

Who is Adan?

He is the Commercial Lending Specialist at Elements Financial. He helps the Commercial Loan Officers on his team close the loans. He is also known to be a team player who will help in any way that he can at Elements. He says that “After hours, I am just a guy sitting in front of a salad, wishing it was a taco!”

What Does Adan Do?

His position is involved in preparing the loan documents to close on Commercial loans, wire out funds, open business accounts, set up the loans, and other member service issues that need to be resolved.

When Did Adan Join Elements?

He joined Elements in May 2014. At the time, he needed a change in his career. A friend was working at Elements and recommended that he apply. (And the rest is history!)

Why Does Adan Enjoy Working at Elements?

He says, “My coworkers. Being surrounded by smart individuals that know their craft and job is wonderful. They can answer whatever questions that I may have. They have patience to help with whatever issue comes up for me. Not only that, but they are also great people to hang out with.”

Where Can We Find Adan?

He likes to have his face in a book. It might be a crime or superhero story, science fiction, fantasy, or even a cookbook. It would not be surprising to find Adan at the local library looking for another book to read. When the temperature is not so hot, he can be found in the kitchen baking a recipe that he found on the internet.

What Are Some "Fun Facts" About Adan?

  • He ran in three marathons in the past. He says, “At this moment, I may be a little out of shape to do that now. I may need a running buddy.”
  • He enjoys art and going to Newfields to see the exhibits. Occasionally, he gets inspired to draw.
  • Bucket List Goal: He wants to travel to Europe. The big question is Spain, Italy, or France?

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