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Nick Shoemaker, Software Developer

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

Who is Nick?

He's a Software Developer with the Technology Solutions team at Elements. He says, "I'm your friendly neighborhood coder!"

What Does Nick Do?

His main tasks involve getting various IT systems to talk to each other. He provides development and support to the underlying tools that help products like Salesforce, Q2 Online Banking, and Informatica work with our core and imaging systems. He also monitors many of our automated data tasks that help our business to run smoothly.

When & Why Did Nick Join Elements?

He joined Elements in June of 2019, coming from a remote position with a large out-of-state bank. He was looking for something a little closer to home, with a more personal culture, and somewhere he could work more often face-to-face with colleagues.

Why Does Nick Enjoy Elements?

He believes there's a real sense of satisfaction in seeing the tools and services he has developed helping people in their day-to-day jobs. Ideation and Developer are two of his top 5 Clifton Strengths, so it's very rewarding for him to see ideas making people more successful — a rising tide lifts all boats!

Where Can You Find Nick Beyond Work?

Nick says "If you'd asked me a couple of years ago, I would have said you'd find me out with my wife at live music events, restaurants, and other popular nightlife locations (if we weren't hosting something already at our home)… but now, we have a toddler, so it's more of the kid-friendly activities like the zoo, children's museum, or parks. We hope to travel more again soon as he gets older, too."

What Are Some "Fun Facts" About Nick?

  • Prior to his son's birth, he spent a lot of time volunteering with a local board gaming convention, holding several roles over almost a decade (Treasurer, IT Director, President, and Convention Chair).
  • He says, "I sampled several sports when I was in school, including basketball, football, wrestling, tennis, and swimming."
  • And he's never had a cavity! (Keep up the good work, Nick!)

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