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Brad Thompson, Lead Real Estate Closer

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

Who is Brad?

Brad Thompson is the Lead Real Estate Closer on our Mortgage Lending Team at Elements. The mortgage process can be a busy and sometimes anxious time for our members since they’re making a major purchase. He likes to say, "Keep calm and let the closer handle it."

What Does Brad Do?

His main tasks involve preparing the documents to get home loans closed, conducting the closings, wiring the mortgage funds, and making sure that our special congratulatory flowers arrive on time at the title companies for our members. He was also instrumental in getting Remote Notary up and running recently to help Elements and our members.

When & Why Did Brad Join Elements?

He joined Elements in November 2001 because he wanted to work closer to home. Previously, he had a long work commute from Avon to Fishers. Also, Brad loves what credit unions do for their members!

Why Does Brad Enjoy Elements?

He believes there's a real sense of satisfaction when he closes a loan for a member, and then they are excited about their new home. He loves that members trust him so much that they will reach out to him for other services, assistance, and answers to all types of Elements questions.

Where Can You Find Brad Beyond Work?

Brad loves watching movies and can tell you all about them! His favorites are comedies, including "Yes Man" featuring Jim Carrey, "because his character let himself be more open to life." Brad is also a huge sports fan and spectator, especially when it comes to the University of Kentucky Wildcats Basketball.

What Are Some "Fun Facts" About Brad?

  • He has a goal to visit all 50 states in the USA. He's happy to report that he has visited 32 so far and will travel to two more this summer when he and his wife take an Alaskan cruise that departs from Seattle, Washington.
  • He loves attending Comic Cons and meeting celebrities there. He once met Carrie Fisher of Princess Leia/Star Wars fame! (May the force be with you, Brad!)

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