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A Cross-Generational Story

Fan Mail from Charles & Bukky

The Akinbola family has a long and strong history with Elements Financial. Their connection began in 1990 when Bukky Akinbola first joined Elements as an employee of Eli Lilly. Bukky quickly recognized the benefits of being an Elements member, and it didn’t take long for him to introduce his son, Charles Akinbola, to his primary financial institution.    

From a young age, Charles displayed a remarkable sense of financial responsibility, thanks to the wisdom passed down from his parents. By the time Charles reached high school, he had an Elements account and was developing financial habits throughout his teenage years.

Since joining Elements, Charles has achieved several financial milestones, from paying off auto loans to securing his first mortgage. When Charles thinks of Elements, he thinks of a “trusted partner,” someone who is always there to answer your financial questions and support you through your hardships.    

Now in his mid-30s, with a beautiful wife and two children, Charles is continuing the Elements family tradition by teaching his children the importance of budgeting and saving. His children are already experiencing the benefits from the accounts he has opened for them, leading the next generation of Akinbolas to financial success.

Check out the video above to learn more about how the Akinbola family has stayed loyal to Elements throughout multiple generations!   

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