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Alexander's Auto Loan

Back On The Road: Two Generations of Loyalty to Elements

When life takes an unexpected turn, it’s often hard to get your financial journey back on track again.

Alexander Smith knew it was time to upgrade when his old vehicle’s mileage was creeping higher. As a father, reliable transportation for his children was important.

Unfortunately, his recent divorce had caused him some financial hardships that hurt his credit score, making it difficult for him to purchase a new vehicle at a time he really needed one. He was frustrated and needed help, so he turned to his mother for guidance.

Cheryle, Alexander’s mother, is an employee at Eli Lilly and Company in Downtown Indianapolis. For the past 18 years she has worked for the company and has been a member of Elements. Over the course of her membership, she and her family members have experienced many life milestones. Along the way, they have always turned to Elements for financial guidance. 

When her son asked her for help, Cheryle was conveniently able to walk down to the branch at her workplace. She met with financial wellness experts and shared her story, “Alexander is struggling. He doesn’t seem to be able to get the loan he needs for a truck. What can I do to support him?” They were then able to walk Cheryle through the steps necessary to support her son. 

Together, they found a solution. Alexander got his finances back on the right track and was able to successfully upgrade to a newer truck that he’s loving! Traveling to and from work, transporting young children, and working on home improvement projects is now doable and convenient. He’s also able to start re-building his credit thanks to his ability to consistently pay on his monthly auto loan. It is a win-win for him.

At Elements, we pride ourselves on building relationships and bonds with our members. When you have financial challenges, Elements is here to help you surpass them and ultimately achieve your life goals. 

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