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Making Banking Positive & Personal

Brittani’s Story of Improving Her Financial Wellness with Elements

While certain types of debt can be useful in many cases, it can become costly in others. In 2020, our Business Development Team set out to educate members on the impact of debt using our popular new “All Hands on Debt” workshop, offered onsite at many of our partner organizations. The class highlights strategies for paying down debt, including the creative approach of using the equity in your home to save money on interest rates.

Brittani Davis, Director of Human Resources at iLAB, found the idea of paying off her higher-interest debt at a lower rate compelling. She reached out to Ron Ellis, her dedicated Elements Relationship Manager, “looking for direction on how (she) could be more intentional in paying debt off in the most financially responsible way possible.” Ellis knew just the right solution – a Home Equity Line of Credit from Elements.

While many members of Elements use their Home Equity Line of Credit for home improvements, vacation homes, and travel, Davis has been able to pay off high-interest debt at a significantly lower rate, saving her a large sum of money over the length of the loans. Our HELOC product boasts a low rate and flexible terms to fit our members’ individual needs.

The Elements team wants you to make financially responsible choices and does not pressure you into any decisions. You always have a very positive and personal experience!

- Brittani Davis, member since 2020

Davis explains that Ellis has been there for her personally, as well as for the staff of iLAB to “help answer questions and direct employees to the best person to find a solution.” Because of her positive experience, she has expanded her relationship with Elements to include a savings account and regularly uses our online banking platform, explaining that it is “easier to use, especially when transferring funds to external accounts, than most other institutions.”

At Elements, we’re proud of our members, like Davis, who have found unique ways to use our products to improve their overall financial wellness!

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