Health Savings Account

For the American Structurepoint Community


About Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

An HSA allows you to save money for your medical needs, and your funds will not be taxed if used for qualified expenses. At year-end, remaining funds will carry over for use in future years, and contributions to your account can be made by you, your employer, or other individuals. American Structurepoint has partnered with Elements Financial to offer you the opportunity to open an HSA with Elements.

Once you have opened your Elements HSA, you will have access to the HSA Portal. The portal enables you to keep all of your important information, like paperwork and receipts, in one place, which makes for easy retrieval and reference later.

Learn More About HSAs and the HSA Portal


How to Open Your HSA

Go to the online application form and follow the onscreen prompts. Keep these notes in mind to make your application process easier:

  • When asked to agree to our account disclosures, choose “Yes.”
  • When prompted to select accounts and services, choose “Member Savings” account and “Health Savings Account.” The Member Savings account is needed to establish your membership at Elements Financial.
  • When prompted for your employer or affiliate organization, select “American Structurepoint” from the dropdown box of multiple choices.
  • On the application’s funding page
    • When prompted to choose whether you’re conducting a New Contribution or Rollover, “New Contribution” will be pre-filled for you.
    • When prompted to choose Current Year or Prior Year Contribution, “Current Year” will be pre-filled for you.
    • In the Minimum Balance to Open the Account, add “0.00” for both the Member Savings and HSA. Elements will provide $5 for the Member Savings, and your HSA will be funded by payroll contribution.
  • Funding with debit or credit card is not required at time of application.
  • At several points, you’ll have the chance to save and finish your application later.


What You Need to Start the Application

  • Valid U.S. driver’s license, State-issued ID or passport
  • U.S. Social Security number
  • U.S. citizenship or resident alien status
  • NOTE: If another person will be an authorized user on your accounts, he or she must also enter and validate personal information.


After You’ve Applied

You will receive a welcome email from Please watch for and save this important message that will include your Member Number. You will need this information to enroll in Online Banking.


Accessing Your HSA Funds

You can access the money in your Elements Financial HSA in several ways:

  • Use your HSA Visa debit card to conveniently pay for qualified medical expenses such as prescriptions, doctor bills, etc.
  • Use Elements Online Banking to transfer money from your HSA to reimburse yourself for payments made from your other Elements accounts. Be sure to keep the receipts that match the amounts you have moved. Enroll in Online Banking once you receive your welcome email.
  • Use Bill Pay within Online Banking to pay a bill to a provider that does not accept Visa cards.


HSA Forms