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eBranch and Mobile Banking Highlights

eBranch and Mobile Banking from Elements Financial provides you with the same interface on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop — and you'll continue to enjoy the security, features and conveniences you've come to expect from Elements.

Our goal with online banking is simple … to provide you with a state-of-the-art digital banking experience that you can count on, and is consistent across all your devices.

If you're not already an eBranch or Mobile Banking user, be sure to enroll today!

What Do I Need to Do?

Here are a couple things to keep in mind the first time you log into the integrated eBranch Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

  1. Your login information will be the same. You will continue to use the same Login ID and Password in eBranch and Mobile Banking.
  2. You will need to re-register your devices with a Secure Access Code when you log into eBranch for the first time after it's available again. Be sure you can be reached on your phone via voice or text message, or via email when you log in for the first time.
  3. Update your browser. If you are using an older web browser, such as Internet Explorer 7 or 8, you will not be able to use the integrated interface on your laptop or desktop. Be sure to update your preferred browser to the most recent version available. If you cannot upgrade your browser, you will continue to be using the same eBranch version you have now.
  4. Mobile Banking applications will need to be updated. You'll receive a notice from your tablet or mobile device that an update to our mobile banking application is available. Just update and you should be set. If you try to log into Mobile Banking from the previous application you will be guided to the appropriate App Store to download the application with the look and feel. Again, you'll need to reregister your tablet or mobile device with a Secure Access Code when updated.
  5. Learn more in the eBranch and Mobile Banking Learning Library. Use the Learning Library to learn about the benefits of the integrated eBranch and Mobile Banking.

What to Expect from eBranch and Mobile Banking

This video introduces you to the integrated experience for eBranch Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

Modern Look and Feel: Elements eBranch and Mobile Banking is simple and clean and gets out of your way. It puts your financial information front and center so you can focus on what you need to when you're doing your banking, paying your bills, transferring some cash, depositing a check, or whatever you need to do within eBranch.

Integrated Interface: Learn it once and use it everywhere. We're all more mobile than we've ever been, and eBranch and Mobile Banking keeps this in mind by providing a simple, integrated experience across all of your devices.

Accessing Accounts is Easier: You'll see the same listing of accounts in the same way whether you're on your tablet, phone or desktop. Just tap or click to get more detail.

Better Bill Pay: The Bill Pay interface has the same look and feel whether you're on your mobile device or desktop. You'll still be able to set up and pay all your bills in eBranch as before. Within Mobile Banking, you'll also be able to set up new payees for your bills in a addition to making payments. Rest assured, all your Bill Pay information will remain intact through the upgrade.

Continued Security: Your accounts will continue to be private and safe with our Secure Access Code feature.

Alerts: We'll continue to offer user-friendly alerts to notify you not only about transactions and transfers, but also about security risks such as changes to your login information or password entry errors.