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Fraud & Identity Theft Protection

We can help prevent damage—and help you reclaim your good name.

EZShield Family Identity Restoration

Thanks to having your checking account with us, you will be eligible for Family Identity Restoration.

Identity theft strikes 35,000 Americans every day.

Victims are forced to detour from their daily routine, navigating through loopholes, ineffective processes, and tricky terminology to restore their good names. Imagine the relief of having a trusted ally in the fight against identity crimes.

With Elements Financial and EZShield, you have that kind of ally.

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Visa Credit Card Fraud Alerts

Real-Time Fraud Alerts for Your Convenience

We offer real-time fraud alerts for our Visa® credit cards. With a text alert, you can help prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring on your cards.

The service is free and enrollment is easy.

How It Works

  • A text message will be sent to your mobile device when there is a suspicious transaction identified on your credit card account.
  • Simply reply to confirm whether or not you recognize the transaction(s).
  • If you do not recognize the transaction, we will block usage of your credit card until we hear from you.
  • If you reply that you recognize the transaction(s), your card will remain available for use.

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