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5 Great Reasons to Pay Your Bills Online

Find Safe & Secure Ways to Avoid Mailing Your Bills

Have you been waiting longer than usual for your mail to arrive? You’re not alone. The US Postal Service extended its standard delivery time and mail could now take several days to arrive. Based on this new announcement, Elements is here to remind members why paying bills online can save you time and money, plus lead to a more secure experience. So, check out our expert tips for paying your bills digitally. It’s like snail mail, only better!

1) Speed of Arrival

When you make a payment through the mail, you may encounter delinquent payment notifications or have to call the merchant to confirm if your payment has been received. But, when you process a payment online, your stress will be alleviated because it’ll typically process the same or next day. No more worrying about paying your bills weeks in advance of the due date!

2) Security of Financial Information

It’s safe to say that the once-popular belief that snail mail is safer than online bill payments is no longer true. Although there can be fear of hacking activity online, there is also an equivalent concern of mail fraud. Automated payments allow for more opportunities to track your disputes and access records of pay dates and amounts. There are also many of high-tech security safeguards in place, such as authentication tools, allowing you to feel secure paying online.

3) No Need for Physical Filing

You’ll enjoy having an easily accessible digital archive of payments. When you mail a check, you often have to call to make sure the check has been received or continuously check your account to make sure the check has been processed. Paying online, you automatically receive a verification notifying you that your payment is processed. You can stay up to date and be able to search your email for payment verification in the scenario that you need to dispute late fees or lost payments with merchants and payees.

4) No More Stamps and Envelopes

And then there’s the money-saving part. No more purchasing stamps and envelopes. Way less money and time is wasted on online processing fees than the amount of time and resources that play into mailing. If we have not convinced you yet, think about the printing, processing, mailing and transporting, and the paper waste that occurs from landfills. If fewer bills are printed and mailed, that means much less energy and fuel is wasted. Online bill payment is an all-around winner in terms of environmental benefits.

5) Ease of Using Bill Pay Tools

The Bill Pay tool from Elements is a free service offered via online banking that provides a secure and convenient way to organize bills and pay before they’re due. Setting up Bill Pay for your recurring payments is one simple solution to alleviate stress and know your bills will be paid on time. Bill Pay offers a variety of features including:

  • Automatic Payments
  • eBills
  • Calendar View showing a snapshot of all upcoming scheduled bill payments
  • Free Stop Payments
  • Customized Reminders to keep you informed on Bill Pay activities
  • Grouping and Categorizing tools for all of your bills
  • Gift & Charity Payments allowing you to gift funds to friends and family or donate

For more information on Bill Pay, check out the Advice Article “The Advantages of Bill Pay.”


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