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David Cribbs, Data Analyst

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

Who is David?

David works as a Data Analyst at Elements. He also served on the wellness committee and has contributed to several other projects over the years. His top CliftonStrengths are Belief, Restorative, Empathy, Connectedness, and Strategic. David uses his skills every day to catch fake direct deposits by carefully reviewing transitions.  

What does David do?

David describes himself as a “data hoarder”. He works with his team to ensure that all data is collected and stored properly for reports. David is committed to learning as much as possible about our members to improve our products and services.  

When did David join Elements?

During college, he worked as a salesman for a lumber yard, unloading trucks and driving a forklift. David got his start at the credit union working in the HR department. “I had a friend who worked as an internal auditor. I wanted an HR position when I graduated, and she told me about an open position at Elements,” he shares. He served on the HR team for 11 years before shifting to his current role on the data side of IT.  

Why does David enjoy working at Elements?

David likes to understand the “why” behind every action. “I am naturally curious. I like to understand why people do the things they do,” he states. His curiosity keeps him eager to solve problems and help our members and the credit union!  

Where can we find David?

Outside of work, David plays bass in his church band and volunteers in a youth group with his wife of almost 25 years! He also enjoys tackling home improvement projects, so you’re sure to find him at Menards shopping for materials.  

What are some "fun facts" about David?

David has a family full of musicians! He has one son who plays drums, one son who works in A/V tech, and two daughters who play guitar.   The Elements Wellness Program allowed David to get back into health and fitness. “I am stronger than I was in college”, he exclaims. David has a secret love for power ballads. He even wishes he could grow a mullet.  

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