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Lenore Gallagher, Operations Manager

The Human Elements Behind Our Success

Who is Lenore?

She is our Operations Manager at Elements. Last year, she served as chairperson of the Employee Engagement Committee and is involved with several other internal committees. Recently, she received the Believe Award in recognition of her collaborative nature, willingness to take on additional tasks beyond everyday responsibilities, and overall exemplary work for Elements. She says her top strengths are learning, communication, positivity, adaptability, and her sense of responsibility. 

What does Lenore do?

Lenore trains member-facing staff. She is a facilitator for operational credit union functions with a focus on member experience, employee support, balancing, procedures and processing and retention of transactions and documentation.

When did Lenore join Elements? 

Lenore has been with Elements for nearly 20 years. Her father retired from Eli Lilly and she specifically remembers hearing great things about Eli Lilly FCU membership through him and one of her former colleagues. Before Elements, she worked in retail banking and operations at a large bank for 17 years. 

Why does Lenore enjoy working at Elements? 

She enjoys helping others and building relationships with both new and seasoned co-workers. Even though she doesn’t work directly with members in our branches, Lenore loves being able to help members through other aspects of her job. To her, the best part of working at Elements is supporting employees and members all while growing her industry knowledge. 

Where can we find Lenore? 

Outside of Elements, you can find Lenore watching crime shows, curled up with a good book, or serving on the Finance Committee at her church. 

What are some “fun facts” about Lenore?

Lenore is a wanderer at heart! She loves traveling to various places across the country. Every year she looks forward to planning trips with family. She says she can’t narrow down a favorite trip with her grandchildren—they’re all amazing—but her most memorable trip with siblings was to Ono Island, Alabama. This year she’ll be visiting Florida and Yellowstone. 

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