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A Renovation Story

Fan Mail from Dawn

Loyalty is a prized trait, and Dawn has embodied it fully! Since joining Elements in 1993, Dawn has experienced shifts not only in her personal life but also alongside the credit union from the company’s rebranding to the release of new products and services.

Most recently, Dawn used Elements’ Home Equity Line of Credit to purchase a cargo van, which she and her husband renovated. They took the van to San Francisco for their honeymoon, and now the two are constantly planning their next adventure. Elements has also helped Dawn during the holiday season. She was able to score Christmas gifts for her friends and family using the cashback rewards from her Signature Visa Card, which is one of Dawn’s most cherished products from Elements.

As Dawn gears up for retirement in the next several years, she can count on Elements to support her in the next chapter of her life.

Check out the video above to hear more about Dawn’s inseparable journey with Elements!

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