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Bringing Banking to Bosma

Elements finds unique ways to support a visually impaired audience

Elements is known for bringing financial wellness to workplaces across the Midwest, and that remains true at one of our newest partner organizations – Bosma Enterprises.

Bosma is Indiana's largest and most comprehensive provider of rehabilitation and training for people who are blind or visually impaired. This presents a new and exciting challenge for delivering on our purpose at Elements of making financial education accessible to everyone as we empower members toward financial success.

Recently, Elements has visited Bosma’s headquarters to present multiple topics from our financial education curriculum. Relationship Manager, Tara Lambert, has presented educational content including “Understanding Your Budget” and “Protecting Your Identity.” Each of these lunch and learn workshops has brought more than 35 staff members together to gain a stronger understanding of trending money-focused topics. When discussing how the workshops impact employee engagement, Joseph Matlock, Senior Manager of Benefits Coordination, explained, “The financial world is complex, and Elements really presents information in a way that the employees can understand.” After each lunch and learn, many of the team members stay to discuss the content and how they can apply it to their own lives.

Lambert enjoys her time working with Bosma’s unique audience and has found creative ways to adapt and make access to our advice and education simpler for these visually-impaired employees. “We have learned how to be more inclusive and provide resources such as QR codes and customized follow-up content in a format that works well with screen readers. It is heartwarming to know that I can serve as a resource for those who are visually-impaired.”

In 2022, Mr. Matlock plans to bring Elements back onsite for many more financial education workshops, calling them “productive, effective, and helpful for our employee base.”

Could your company benefit from onsite and online financial wellness resources from Elements? Contact us today to learn more.  


The financial world is complex, and Elements really presents information in a way that the employees can understand.

- Joseph Matlock
  • Attendees listen to Tara Lambert to discuss the "Understanding Your Budget" presentation.
  • Tara Lambert describes financial success to employees of Bosma.

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