Moving Your Money | Tips from Elements

External Transfers

Inquire with your former or other financial institution to activate a transfer of funds into an Elements account. All you need are the student’s account number and Elements’ routing number (274073834). Typically takes 3–6 business days.

Internal Transfers

When parents are joint on a student’s account, you can use online or mobile banking to move money between your account and your student’s account.

Remote Check Deposit

Parents have the ability to write a check to a student who can deposit it using the remote deposit feature within mobile banking.

Wire Services

Elements members can receive incoming and send outgoing wires, both domestic and foreign.1

Shared Branching and Deposit-Taking ATMs

Parents can deposit funds into a student’s account at any of our shared branches nationwide. If parents are joint on a student’s account, you can deposit funds at any of our network deposit-taking ATMs. Search for locations locally and nationwide via our website or mobile banking app.

Debit Card Information

Your debit card delivery will default to your permanent mailing address on file. Upon request, your debit card can be mailed to a campus address. Please add your campus address with your mailbox number to the mailing address line on your application.