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Prep Your Home for the Season with Our Spring Maintenance Checklists

Take advantage of the extra sunlight. Here's how to get your home and yard ready for spring.

Spring is finally here!  The weather is warming up in many regions, so it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your home's interior and exterior aesthetics so you can enjoy spending time both inside and outside.

As a credit union, we’re dedicated to providing you with trusted advice to make your money — and your mortgage — work for you! Keeping your home up to date in every season can feel like a daunting task. That’s why our mortgage team has assembled a quick checklist of ideas to consider for keeping your home maintenance in check.

Spring Curb Appeal Essentials

Spring is often associated with the season of refreshment, so this is the right time to get outside and get your exterior in prime condition. Here are some tips for improving your curb appeal for springtime:

  • Pick Up Your Paintbrush: Warm weather (not too hot yet) created a great opportunity to paint your home. Not only does this work allow for a creative change, but a new coat of paint can also better protect your structure and raise your property value, too.
  • Fix Your Fence: Painting, power washing, building, or securing a fence can be beneficial for your home's aesthetics and safety. Also, painting or replacing your mailbox can make a quick and affordable impact.
  • Grow Your Garden: Whether you’re cleaning up your garden after the winter weather or starting one from scratch, flowers and plants can offer many colorful advantages to your curb appeal.
  • Determine Any Damages: In this new season, it can be beneficial to scan your home exterior for any damages or potential issues for maximum comfort in upcoming seasons. Check your gutters, roof, windows, doors, and mechanicals as the spring arrives.
  • Manage Your Mowing: Grab the lawnmower and weedwhacker and begin getting your lawn in pristine condition for the summer ahead. It’ll look appealing for you, your guests, and your neighbors!

Spring Indoor Essentials

Spring typically comes with unpredictable weather in addition to its wonderful warmth. For those rainy days and your stay-at-home moods, here are our tips for home improvements you can do comfortably indoors:

  • Pick Out Plants: Gardening doesn’t have to be an outdoor-only activity. Not only will indoor plants add a fresh aesthetic, but they can help with air quality, as well.
  • Change Your Colors: Spring is an energizing season for many, so use that newfound motivation to give your house a makeover. Newly painted walls can give a new vibe to a room and add additional value to your house when you look to sell in the future.
  • Dust Off Your Dryer: Not all lint gets caught in the trap and some particles make their way into your dryer vent. Cleaning the vent is an important safety precaution and will reduce the time your dryer has to run — saving you money!
  • Find Your Filters: It’s the right time to find and replace your interior air filters. While you should do this regularly, the spring is an important time to do so as the weather changes. Dirty filters force your heating and air-conditioning systems to work harder, which can run your bill up.
  • Go Through the Garage: You’re likely to find yourself in your garage more often this season, so spend some time cleaning and reorganizing it. Investing in extra shelving or plastic, airtight storage bins can help greatly in this process.

Stay in Touch

Overall, your Elements mortgage team is here to support you with anything related to your home. From considering which improvements to make using your equity to thinking about a second home, to working through putting your house on the market — please reach out with your questions any time. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable autumn from the entire Elements team!

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