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Prep Your Home for the Season with Our Winter Maintenance Checklists

Your Winter Guide to Home Repairs and Improvements

As a credit union, we're dedicated to providing you with trusted advice to make your money — and your mortgage — work for you! Keeping your home up to date in every season can feel like a daunting task. That's why our mortgage team has assembled a quick checklist of ideas to consider for keeping your home maintenance in check.

Winter Curb Appeal Essentials

With winter coming, we are greeted with the chill of the new season in many regions. It's a great time for catching up on anything you've forgotten to complete during the year or preparing for the year ahead. Here are a few ideas for home improvements this winter:

  • Upgrade or Replace Lights — As the days get shorter, consistent lighting around your house could be beneficial. Porch lights, backyard lights, and garage lights all should be checked, cleaned, and replaced for the winter season.
  • Set Up Security — Keeping you and your family safe is a top priority. Around the holidays, invest in motion detectors, cameras, or security alarms. The holiday shopping season often offers deals on these items.
  • Clean-Up Cables — Satellite cables, hanging cords, and loose wires can all be tucked away in safer and less open spaces. Check around your house to organize any cables that may be out of place.
  • Defrost Sidewalks and Walkways — Snow is pretty, but a visible and safe sidewalk provides a major increase in your seasonal curbside appeal. Salting the sidewalks, in addition to shoveling and snow blowing, are welcome activities this winter, especially to others in your neighborhood.
  • Manage Garage Supplies — While you may not plan on using your yard tools this winter, it's always good to check on your supplies. Cleaning, fixing, or replacing tools now will make you more prepared when the next season rolls along.
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Winter Indoor Essentials

Most people enjoy staying inside and getting cozy while the bitter wind rattles outside your home. For many, indoors is the best place to be this season, so we have come up with a few ideas to make your home even more comfortable:

  • Replace Smoke Detector Batteries — It's a chore most people forget until they run low and cause beeping throughout the house. To avoid this, make sure your smoke detectors are functional and full of working batteries.
  • Switch to LED Lights — LED lights have great functionality as it can effectively light up a room while also saving you a great deal of power. Consider investing in LED lights around the house as it can help you save on that hefty winter electricity bill.
  • Manage Your Thermostat — A warm home is a happy home. Make sure your thermostat is fully operational, and your vents are all open and accessible. It’s also a great time to change your furnace filters.
  • Check Water Systems — Winter can be rough on your water systems, so discovering where your water system is, how it works, and if it will function correctly throughout winter is an essential key to a stress-free season.
  • Renovate the Kitchen — You may find yourself in the kitchen quite a bit more with holiday events. Renovating your kitchen will likely increase your home value and offer you an even more enjoyable place to cook and entertain for your social gatherings next holiday season.

Stay in Touch

Overall, your Mortgage Loan Originator is here to support you with anything related to your home. From considering which improvements to make using your equity, to thinking about a second home, to working through putting your house on the market, please reach out with your questions any time. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable winter — including a happy holiday season — from the entire Elements team!

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